Murovana is a small village located near Malaya Berestovitsa. Until recently, it operated lyceum of processing industry, which just occupies the territory of the former Soltanov estates. Interestingly, just as no one cared about the old manor in Soviet times, so today, fresh educational buildings, which are waiting for a similar abandoned fate.

Soltanov's estate in the village of Murovana

The history of the Murovana estate begins with Tadeusz Junzillawho bought the estate in 1750. Already under his son Frantishka, the construction of the manor house was completed. The original version had side wings and was shaped like the letter “P”.

Manor house Soltanov

In the middle of the 19th century, Murovana (in some sources Berestovitsa Murovannaya) passed to the Soltans. Under them, the side wings of the house were demolished and an attic built on.

Manor in Malaya Berestovitsa

A long oak alley led to the estate, and a massive gate stood at the entrance. On the left hand of the manor house there was an “L”-shaped fence (preserved), a little further an office, a stable and a mill.

Murovan economic yard

Soltanov's estate It was a small two-story palace in the architecture of classicism. About 30 by 14 meters in size with interesting decorative elements. For example, images of the family coats of arms of the owners are partially preserved on the pediment: swan - Yundzillov, trjivdar - Buzhinsky, wrenby - Soltanov. A little lower is an unusual frieze with stucco bas-reliefs on antique themes: a Roman helmet, Zeus' lightning, a bow with arrows, a wreath.

Belarus architecture - pediment

The entrance to the estate was decorated with an arcade with a large balcony and a stone balustrade, as you can see in the old photo 1939 years.

source: Aftanazy Roman book “Dzieje rezydencji na dawnych kresach Rzeczypospolitej” Volume 3, scan from the site: Globus of Belarus

The ruins of the Soltanov estate in the village of Murovana

On the reverse side (also called the park side) there was a terrace. (not saved)

Abandoned house in the village of Murowana

Ruins of a manor in the village of Murovana

When the estate was nationalized, training classes for future tractor drivers were placed within its walls. The state of the building was absolutely not monitored, and at some point it was completely abandoned.

Manor in Malaya Berestovitsa


The local watchman said that they planned to blow up the house, since there is no point in restoring it. I wonder what he plans to guard in the future? Murowana itself is a rather remote village.

Murovan's estate in Malaya Berestovitsa

Finding the ruins of the estate can be problematic. You can drive up only from the side of residential buildings, or you can park near the highway and walk. Mark with the location below on the map:

A little further from Murovana, another ancient estate Lishki, of the genus de Virions. If you are in these parts, I also advise you to stop by the ruins of the church in Berestovitsa.

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