At the beginning of June 1841, in the town Milkovshchina, a writer and a bright public figure was born Eliza Pavlovskaya (Ozheshko). Elisa's father, Benedikt Pavlovsky, acquired these lands from the Borzhetskys in the first half of the 19th century. The Pavlovskys did not build chic and pompous palaces, but in these parts they had 2 modest one-story estates made of wood. These buildings have not survived to this day, but certain reminders have still been preserved.

What did the Pavlosky estate look like in Milkovshchina?
this is how the manor house of the Pavlovskys looked like

In Milkovshchyna (*on the old map of Milkovshchyna), a memorial stone, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary and several information stands were installed in the place where the estate was located in 2006.

Siadzіba Pavloўskіkh

Manor Milkovshchina where Eliza Ozheshko was born

Eliza Ozheshko's small homeland

A maple alley led to the small house of the Pavlovskys, partially preserved to this day. In front of the entrance there was a beautiful lawn with a circle decorated with a garden. There were also some outbuildings, and a little in the distance there was a family tomb, dismantled in 1867.

Pavloskikh Alley in Milkovshchyna

Manor Milkovshchina where Eliza Ozheshko was born

After the death of Benedict Pavlovsky in 1844, the estate passed to his daughters - Eliza and older sister Clementine. In 1858, still quite young, Elzbieta left her native land, and in 1872 she sold the farm to Mozolevsky at all.

Manor Pavlosky

Despite the loss of the estate, Eliza Orzeszko will often return to Puzynovtsi (neighboring village), where her father, uncle and sister are buried.

Pavlosky family cemetery

The last owners of the Milkovshchina estate will be Chetvertinsky from stomach.

The Pavlovsky Manor in Milkovshchina

Finding the place where the estate of the legendary writer Eliza Ozheshko was located is quite simple. If you go along the road from the village of Kamenka (there, by the way, beautiful neo-gothic church), then immediately at the entrance to the left there is a pointer “Radzima Eliza Azheshki”, below is a point with the location of the attraction on the map:

Eliza Pavlovskaya was buried in Grodno on old catholic cemetery. In Milkovshchyna you can also see Church of the Intercession.

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