Former Mavros Manor in Tarnovo

Literally 20 kilometers from Leads, to the side Grodno, you can see several interesting sights in the agricultural town at once Tarnovo. Turn off the M6 ​​onto the P11 and you will easily get to the former estate Mavrosov. Here, in addition to the manor house, various outbuildings, an ice house, as well as unusual windmill.

Homestead in Tarnovo

The name of the place comes from the name of the first owner of these lands. Peter Tarnovsky, although it originally sounded like Tarnovshchizna. At the end of the 17th century, Tarnovsky's wife was Anna Zawisz, who owned the neighboring village of Belogruda (by the way, there is interesting church). Subsequently, the lands passed to the Radziwills, Andreykoviches, Kashits. In 1866 they were sold to a Russian count Dmitry Nikolaevich Mavros with whose name the estate in Tarnovo is known.

Homestead in Tarnovo

In 1880, Dmitry Nikolaevich began to actively invest in the development of Tarnovo. He builds a manor-palace, opens a distillery, lays out a park and builds residential buildings. A special asset of the estate was a personal library with an impressive collection of books.

Tarnowo houses

To the right of the manor house, a triangular-shaped building has been preserved - this is an ice house (or glacier).

Ice building in Tarnowo

The mill, which is located a little away from the park.

Tarnowo Mill

At the very end of the 19th century, in 1899, Dmitry Mavros died and the estate passed to his son. In 1921, the Tarnowo lands became part of the Polish Republic, and in the 39th they became part of the BSSR. Now Soviet power has been established in the palace-estate. The house was used for various state farm needs.

Mavros Manor in Tarnovo

What to see in Tarnovo

After the collapse of the USSR, the manor house in Tarnovo was empty for a long time. At the turn of the 2010s, the building was reconstructed into residential apartments. Separate entrances to the stairs were made on three sides. To date, the house is residential, all apartments are occupied.

manor Tarnovo

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