Near Orsha, in the village Yurtsevo, you can see an unusual architectural monument - the former manor Lubomirsky. In 2020, the building was restored and is now used for the needs of the Vitebsk Regional Hospital IVOV.

Manor of Lubomirsky in Yurtsevo

In addition to impressive architecture with elements of historicism and Gothic, the building boasts a complex and intricate history in which it is really difficult to find the truth and the truth.

Lubomirski Castle in Yurtsevo

It is known that the estate, or rather a real castle, was founded in the first half of the 19th century, when these lands belonged to Francis Lubomirski (he had extensive possessions in the Orsha region). With him a small farmstead Kateshyn became a prosperous place Yurtsevo. Subsequently, the manor was completed and expanded by the son Franciszek - Konstantin Lubomirsky, probably in his time the town achieved its greatest prosperity. In 1877 Yurtsevo was visited by the legendary traveler Napoleon Orda and captured the castle in one of his works.

The former estate-castle of the Lubomirskys in Yurtsevo

Thanks to this drawing, quite important information was obtained about the subsequent owners of the estate (already after Konstantin). They became Lubomirsky's middle daughter – Jadwiga and her husband Adam Grabowski. The database on the revision tales of the Orsha district indicates the exact date when Jadwiga entered into the inheritance - 1872 year.

Yurtsevo former estate

At the beginning of the 20th century, the estate in Yurtsevo passed to the daughter of the Grabovskys - Mary's, who was married to Jerome Drutsky-Lyubetsky from New Field.

The former estate-castle of the Lubomirskys in Yurtsevo

In addition to this version of the construction and development of the estate, there is another, set out in the book “Orsha” by Svyatoslav Asinovsky. She built a castle according to her Countess Yurtseva in 1820, in memory of those killed in the war of 1812. Unfortunately, the book does not explain who it is and from what kind. If we follow the logic that this is one of the wives of Franciszek Lubomirski, then according to the dates, the only option is Maria Naryshkina, but she died before the construction of the estate began. Perhaps you need to look for the answer in the list of wives of Konstantin Lubomirsky, then there are no options - Ekaterina Tolstaya. True, until 1830 she did not come to Yurtsevo.

What kind of building was behind the Lubomirsky estate?

After Yurtsevo became part of the BSSR, the estate was nationalized. Judging by the register of local workers for the 30s, a colony was located here, which functioned before the start of the war. Most likely, for some administrative needs, or residential buildings, the distillery, located next to the castle, was rebuilt. Today, only a small part of the right wing has survived from it, photo below.

Lubomirsky wing in Yurtsevo

As the watchman said, after the end of the war and until 1953 there was again a colony, but this time for women. Then the buildings were repaired and a hospital for the disabled of the Great Patriotic War (IVOV) was opened in them.

The Lubomirsky estate in Yurtsevo

The main attraction of Yurtsevo is located near the M1 highway, a mark on the map:

On the opposite side of the highway there is a curious village of Mezhevo, which also once belonged to the Lubomirskys. Here you can see ruins of a 19th century temple and rebuilt manor housewhich today functions as a church.

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