surpluses is a border village in Berestovitsky district, Grodno region. It is worth going here to see a rather unusual manor house 19th centurywhich belonged to the genus de Virionov.

Homestead in the village of Lishki

Abandoned estates of Belarus Lishki

Karol Joseph de Virion acquired the Lishki estate from representatives of the Yundzill family. At that time, there was already a developed estate with an inn, a tavern, a mill and a factory. In 1831, a wooden house erected under the Yundzillas burned down and this becomes a challenge for the new owners.

Abandoned homestead in the village of Lishki

Stone tower of the manor in Liski

The descendants of Karol de Virion tried to rebuild the manor house, but the updated version of the building was lost in another fire. In 1883, Stanislav de Virion completes the construction of a real villa, which is difficult to attribute to typical estate complexes of Belarus. The new house was attached to a one-story wooden outbuilding on a high plinth (in this form it has survived to this day).

Abandoned manor de Virions in Liski

Manor of Virions Lishki

Particularly impressive is the massive four-tiered square tower. Similar structures can be seen in other manor complexes. For example Avraamov's estate in the city of Khoiniki or Shvykovsky in Pruzhany.

Homestead in the village of Lishki

During the war of 1914-17, the estate in Lishki was completely plundered. All valuables were taken away, and outbuildings were also burned. Despite this, the last direct descendant of Karol - Jerzy de Virion, managed to restore the manor house in 1923.

Manor Lishki inside

However, already in 1939 the estate was nationalized, Jerzy was exiled to Auschwitz, where he died.

Estates of Belarus

About manor in Liski there are many interesting facts. Some are quite creepy - like the fact that the mistress of the estate was harsh to the peasants and even burned them alive. There are facts that speak of the progressiveness of the de Virions. According to rumors, they had a lifting mechanism for delivering food to the dining room.


In any case, the places here are interesting and definitely worthy of attention. Until 2021, it was easy to get inside the building and see the same spiral staircase in the tower, but since November, the openings of the first floors were laid with gas silicate blocks. According to the stories of local residents, they started laying it when migrants came here to spend the night. Is it true? Who knows.

Abandoned manor de Virions in Liski

Finding an abandoned estate is not difficult, but I advise you to grab a passport just in case, after all, this attraction is on the very border with Poland. From Malaya Berestovitsa exit onto road H6669 and follow the signs to Lishki, the point on the map is below:

If you are in these parts, I recommend that you stop by the ruins estates of the Soltanovs in the village of Murovana.

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