Localities with the name Svisloch meet in the area Belarus often, which sometimes causes confusion. This article will talk about Krasinsky estate in Svisloch, Grodno region, Kvasovsky village council. The first chronicle mentions of this place date back to the first half of the 16th century, when Svisloch belonged to Heinrich Gromyko. Then, over the course of several centuries, the owners often changed, it is perhaps worth highlighting the Romers (who probably laid the estate), the Puslovskys (a paper factory was built under them) and, of course, the Krasinskys (the last owners).

Manor Krasinsky Svisloch

The construction of an unusual estate in Svisloch was supervised by Marta Puslovskaya (daughter of Vandalin Puslovsky - the owner Kossovo castles и the Albertine estate) and her husband Kazimir Krasinsky.

The Krasinsky manor house in Svisloch

The manor house was built according to a rather atypical project in the Art Nouveau architectural style. For the construction of this three-story building, a massive plinth and a heavy foundation were prepared. Attention is now drawn to the portal of granite blocks - resonating sharply with the plastered walls.

Agricultural town Svisloch Grodno region

The sloping roof of complex shape also looks unusual. It can be seen that the owners approached the choice of the project creatively and tried to stand out from the background of the classical estates of that time.

Sights of the Grodno region

After the death of Kazimir Krasinsky, his wife Marta left the Svisloch estate and went to France, where she died in 1943. She donated part of the huge library to the Grodno Museum.

Unusual estate in the agricultural town of Svisloch

After the end of the war, a school was located in the manor house, and the building itself was maintained in proper condition. In the early 2000s, the former estate was restored and various administrative services of the agricultural town of Svisloch moved here.

Manor Krasinsky Svisloch

The local museum of SEC "Svisloch" works in the basement.

Museum in the estate of Krasinsky Svisloch

It will be easy to find this attraction, from the P44 highway turn left into the park, the manor house is clearly visible.

Nearby there is another interesting object - a wooden house on the site of the Brakovo manor. On the way to these parts, I recommend stopping by the village of Lunno, where you can see Church of St. Anne.

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