The estate of the Umestovskys in the village of Zhemyslavl

There is an absolutely amazing village in the Grodno region Zhemyslavl. Arriving there, you seem to find yourself in the 19th century, and all thanks to the fabulous sights - Manor Umestovsky. In addition to the main palace, various outbuildings, a park, an ice house, as well as a distillery and an alcohol store have been preserved on the estate. Today, the Umestovsky estate is in a mixed state. Either they begin to restore it and bring building materials, or they also suddenly stop all work. The estate can hardly be called abandoned, the territory is guarded, it is clean and beautiful here. Only the palace itself is in a deplorable state.

Manor Zhemyslavl

Manor Umestovsky

The construction of the manor on the banks of the Gavia River began at the beginning of the 19th century. Polish tycoon Yakub Umestovsky acquired the Zhemyslavl estate and laid a wooden estate here. Later, in 1828, his son Casimir continued his father's work. He built 2 stone outbuildings in the classical style on both sides of the future palace.

Outbuilding of the estate Zhemyslavl

Left wing of Zhemyslavl

Due to the high cost of the construction project, the Umestovsky Palace was completed only in 1877. The magnate family dreamed of building a manor similar to the residence of the Polish king. In fact, the estate in Zhemyslavl is a copy of the Lazenkovsky Palace in Warsaw.


estate Zhemyslavl

When the construction of the main estate was completed, a park was laid out around it according to the project of the French gardener James. As planned, the two-story palace became the center of the composition. The park has survived to this day, by the way, it has a unique tree, a natural monument, - Pennsylvania Ash.

Pennsylvania ash in Belarus

Manor in Zhemyslavl

The Umestowski Palace itself has a T-shape. The windows were made in the form of wide stained-glass windows. The facade was crowned with a spectacular belvedere with the same stained-glass windows. Inside the rooms were luxurious marble stoves and French-style fireplaces. The walls were richly decorated with oak paneling and frescoes. All furniture was unique and handmade. There was an open terrace around the perimeter. Alas, in 2012 the building was badly damaged by fire and most of the interior was completely gone.

Palace in Zhemyslavl inside



For some time, the scientific base of Vilna University was located within the walls of the estate. Transferred the property for use Vladislav Umestovsky, he also financed the construction of the church in Subbotniki, where he is buried.

figure Napoleon Orda

During the First World War, the German army placed here a hospital for the wounded and something like a sanatorium. In the Soviet years, the board of the state farm lived here.

History of Zhemyslavl

What else is worth seeing in Zhemyslavl?

In addition to the manor house and outbuildings, there are several other interesting objects in the village of Zhemyslavl. It's worth starting with ice agewhich resembles a whole cottage. Built in 1828 from stone. It is a three-tiered tower with a 2-storey extension in the classical style.

Ice building in Zhemyslavl

The icehouse is perfectly preserved and clearly used. A metal front door has been installed, windows have been partially replaced, and there is a fence around.

Ice building in Zhemyslavl

What is ice age

To the right of the icehouse is a barn.

Barn in Zhemyslavl

On the road leading to the center of the village, you can see a roadside chapel with a sculpture of Our Lady.

Sculpture of Our Lady Zhemyslavl

Another historical part of Zhemyslavl - buildings distilleries and distilleries. Located a little far from the manor house.

Distillery Zhemyslavl

Alcohol storage Zhemyslavl

Despite the fact that the manor complex is waiting for reconstruction, the palace and the park impress with their appearance. This property is included in list of historical and cultural values ​​of Belarus.

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