15 kilometers from Minsk there is an interesting village Semkovowhere it once was Khmarov estate. Little remains of the manor complex: the house itself is almost completely destroyed, but the outbuilding and the park are partially preserved.

Ruins of the estate in Semkovo

Manor Khmarov Semkovo

Building estates in Semkovo dates back to the middle of the 18th century, when these lands came into the possession of the kashtelyan and the Minsk voedvoda Adam Khmara. In 1780, a luxurious palace with a park was completed, designed by an Italian architect. Carlo Spampani. The side wings, which are much better preserved, were completed later.

Wing Semkovo

Adam Khmara also financed and participated in the construction church in Dubrovowhere he was buried on June 9, 1805. He had no direct heirs estate Semkovo passed to his brother. One of the last known owners is a certain - Romuald Helkovsky, who built a distillery, where Yanka Kupala himself managed to work.

Semkovo ruins of the Khmarov estate

Semkovo estate

Ruins of the estate Khmarov

After 1917, the estate in Semkovo was waiting for ruin and devastation. Within the walls of the palace there was a children's boarding school, the territory of which during World War II would become a concentration camp and a place of horrific events. Here the German invaders conducted medical experiments on children and prisoners. In memory of the partisan detachment that saved the surviving children in 1944, a memorial stone was erected.

Memorial stone Semkovo

After the end of the war, no one needed what was left of the Semkovo estate. The building was destroyed, and time flowed inexorably.

Manor Khmarov Semkovo

At some point, new buildings appeared on the estate territory schools-internet. True, around 2015, the school was closed, now the buildings are abandoned.

Abandoned boarding school near Minsk

On the way to the ruins of the estate, you can see a wooden building with a banner, which until recently housed a small museum.

Museum in Semkovo

Since 2014, enthusiasts have been engaged in the reconstruction of the Semkovo estate, but at some point, law enforcement agencies had questions about the misuse of buildings. The story turned out to be complicated and confusing, it is only clear that no work is being carried out in Semkovo for 2020.

A few kilometers from this place you can see Church in the village of Semkov Gorodok. If you are interested old estates, then more interesting things on the pages of our site.


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