The village of Dikushki, Grodno region, is located near the P141 highway connecting the village of Belitsa and the city Shchuchin. Among the attractions in Dikushki is the former estate Grabovskyand Transfiguration Church. Previously, these lands had a different name - “Biikushki” and were first mentioned at the beginning of the 16th century.

The ruins of the Grabovsky estate in the village of Dikushki

Dikushki passed to the Grabowskis from the Chodkiewicz in 1781-85. The first owner of the estate among the Grabovskys was Rafail Felitsianovich. The estate itself, for which connoisseurs come here sights of Belarus, was built quite late - after the First World War. It is even more interesting that the Grabovskys probably had nothing to do with the construction; since 1920, the owner of the land in Dikushki was a certain Mineyko, who built the manor house.

Mineika's family house

Manor Dikushki


According to rumors, already in 1939 Mineiko left Dikushki and left these places forever. Like most private estates, the estate in Dikushki became the property of the Soviet government, which disposed of the building at its own discretion.

Ruins of a village in Dzikushki

Dikushki Belarus

Architecturally, the manor house belongs to the classicism style and, despite its ruined state, still surprises with its scope and elements of external decor. Most often in photographs on the Internet you can see a balcony on five small columns.

Dikushki farmstead Grabovsky

The permanent stork's nest on the triangular pediment also looks picturesque.

Ruins of the estate in Dikushki

The front entrance of the old house is located on the opposite side of the street (no matter how strange it may sound). This is explained by the fact that previously there was no residential development here, but only the estate itself with a park.

Abandoned manor Dikushki

Massive columns for the Mineiko estate were brought from Vilnius (current Vilnius).

Manor Grabowski Wild Wildlife

After the Second World War, a state farm office was organized in the Grabovsky estate, then a club of interests, but at some point it was simply abandoned.

Syadziby Belarus

Not far from the manor house, outbuildings have been preserved; surprisingly, their condition is much better.

Dikushka's estate

Below is the location dot, finding the place will be quite easy.

A couple of kilometers from the village of Dikushki there is one of the most beautiful and mystical estates in Belarus - StomachI advise you to visit. Tours around the country, as well as our map of interesting places.

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