В Belarus enough interesting estate complexes. Most are not in the best shape and are often abandoned. Pleasant exception - manor Gatovsky near Bobruisk. In a village with a beautiful name Red Beach you can see a unique architectural monument. A real modernist palace was erected in 1890-93 on the banks of the Dobosna River. The architect was Mr. K. Schroetergiving neo-Gothic features to the estate.

At the entrance to the Gatovski estate, you can see a unique entrance gate. Built in the Neo-Gothic style with fancy faceted turrets. Of course, the color attracts attention.

There is an outbuilding on the way to the palace. By its architectural form, it can give odds to many estates in Belarus. Seeing the building for the first time, there was a strong association with American family homes.

Krasny Bereg does not begin with the Gatovskys, its history begins much earlier. But it was under Lieutenant General Mikhail Semenovich and Maria-Josefa Gatovsky that a palace appeared here.

With them, an amazing garden in the English style appeared. Many rare trees, some of which can be seen today.

The next owner of the estate, in Krasny Bereg, was Vikenty Alfonsovich Poklevsky-Kozell. During the 1917 revolution, the entire estate was nationalized.

Meeting in 1920, the People's Commissariat decided to organize an agricultural technical school here.

If you paid attention to the sign at the entrance, then the legacy of this institution is still here. This is where it is located  Krasnoberezhsk Agrarian College. Some of the buildings already belong to the Soviet era and are strongly knocked out of the general appearance.

There is a fence around the entire estate complex Krasny Bereg. In places destroyed and dismantled, but mostly intact. Some outbuildings have also been preserved.

A large number of tourists come here. This is due to its convenient location and proximity to Bobruisk.

Manor-palace on the map:

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