On the outskirts of the city Slonim you can visit an attractive place for both historians and connoisseurs of beautiful landscapes. Here is the former Manor "Albertin", with a large park complex and an artificial reservoir. The estate was mortgaged through the efforts of representatives of the Puslovsky family (they owned the famous castle in Kosovo).

The manor and most of the buildings of the complex were built in the early-mid 19th century in the style of late classicism by order Vojtech Puslovsky. He named the park complex in honor of one of his sons - Albertinawho died suddenly near these places.

Albertine survived to the niches of the days not completely, but for the most part. The estate starts with entrance gate.

The path leads to the main building - the former the estate of the Puslovskys, in the middle of the last century it was significantly rebuilt. The manor house was called festive palace.

The facade of the two-storey building is decorated with a portico with four columns. On both sides of the stairs you can see marble sculptures of lions and massive vases.

By the way, the image of this majestic animal is found not only here. The golden lion is present on the coat of arms Slonim. The symbol is also respected by modern residents of the city. They install lion sculptures even in the areas near their homes.

Behind the main building is Winter Palace, outbuilding. Unlike the estate, it was preserved in its original form, although it was thoroughly rebuilt inside (there is a sports hall, and all the partitions were demolished).

The wing is much more like a palace, like the main house has two floors. As for architecture, the building combines classicism and eclecticism, richly decorated with stucco.

In Soviet times, a sculpture of an athlete was installed in front of the building (he is called the local superman).

Today the building houses a sports club. Slonim cardboard and paper plantto which the entire complex belongs. On the walls you can see various sports attributes and symbols, also of the Soviet heritage.

By the way, the workshop of the cardboard plant is the former buildings of the Puslovsky paper manufactory, built back in 1806.

Manor near Slonim

There were also outbuildings in Albertina, some of which have survived. The most interesting building is the stable.

The brick building of the count's stables is made of ornamental masonry in the Art Nouveau style and rather resembles a manor.

Not so long ago, the building was put up for auction. Judging by the activity and construction work on the site, this historic site may have found a new owner.

The Puslovskys organized an industrial complex next to the estate, where they produced fabrics, paper products, carpets, cast iron, etc. The gentry family left for England in the 30s of the 20th century and took all the valuables with them. Park in Slonim still visited by lovers of historical sites and walks.

This ancient family also had other estates, for example, in Old Sands.

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