Manor "Belaya Dacha"

If you study ancient estates Minsk, then one of the must-see places will be a monument on the street Kazintsa 54. A large white house in Kurasovshchina Park is visible from the road, surrounded by trees, proudly rising on a hill. Manor Belaya Dacha The Adadurov family hides many secrets and mysteries.

belay dacha

The estate dates back to the 19th century, according to some sources, the first owner of Belaya Dacha was the landowner Kurasov, who founded the village of Kurasovshchina.

usadba adadurovih

At the beginning of the 20th century, the building was used as a hospital, until the beginning of the Second World War it served as the residence of the party leaders of the BSSR, and at the end of the 20th century the center of Belarusian folklore was based here.

usadba na kazinca

Now the Adadurovs' estate is not used, and its fate is not entirely clear. One can only hope that the building does not suffer the fate of other ancient estates of Belarus, such as Homesteads Bochvicei or Estates of Kotlubaev.

st. Kazintsa 54, Minsk


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