In the first half of the 17th century, monks of the Bernardine Order arrived in Slonim at the invitation of Jan Zharnovsky. By 1645, with the financial support of the royal secretary Andrey Radvanov, a stone bosom. The temple came out massive and became part of the system of city defensive structures, which, by the way, included main synagogue. Interestingly, the church was consecrated in honor of Holy Trinity not immediately, but only by 1671.

Former Bernardine Church in Slonim

By the middle of the 18th century, work was completed on the construction of a U-shaped monastery building. Together with the temple, they form a single ensemble.

Bernardine Monastery in Slonim

After the defeat of the uprising of 1863, the monastery was closed, and the building of the church was given to the Orthodox Church. After a slight redevelopment, the temple was re-consecrated and reopened in 1866.

Building of the Bernardine monastery in Slonim

The monastery building began to be used as a seminary, and today it houses the boarding school of the Slonim Medical School.

Former Bernardine monastery in Slonim

Slonim Trinity Cathedral in Slonim

From 1921 to 1939, the temple again acted as a Catholic one. After the end of the war and until today - in the bosom of the Orthodox Church.

The temple is a monument of early baroque architecture with elements and features of the rococo style. Like bernardine church on the next street, the Trinity Church is single-nave with a dominant high bell tower.

What to see in Slonim

The tower itself is three-tiered, the first tier of which is reinforced with buttresses and is half of the total size. The two upper tiers have more plastic forms, besides they are octagonal, decorated with pilasters and small arched windows. Initially, the tower was covered with a hipped roof, until 2015, then it was replaced with a tin onion dome. This decision caused a lot of controversy and controversy, as it changed the architectural appearance of the historic building.

Trinity Cathedral in Slonim

The church and the former Bernardine monastery are located in the historical center of Slonim, on Vasya Krainy street 23sightseeing is easy to find.

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