Back in February 1746, in the halls of a wooden church, he was baptized Tadeusz Kosciuszko. For the future politician, the small homeland was Merechevshchina, a tract at a distance of 1.5 km from Kossovo.

Trinity Church in Kossovo

Stone Trinity Church in Kossovo, or as it is also called Church of the Holy Trinity and the Holy Cross, was built in 1887. This date can be seen on the facade of the temple.

Trinity Church in Kossovo

Erected on the site of an old wooden church at the expense of Vandalin Puslovsky and parishioners. The church belongs to the neo-gothic style of architecture.

Kossovo Trinity Church

Trinity Church Kossovo

The church is single-nave, rectangular in shape. The altar apse consists of 5 faces. The narrow windows are decorated with stained-glass windows, and the entrance is marked with a gothic vimperg. The interior decoration is rather modest.

Trinity Church in Kossovo

Neo-Gothic churches in Belarus

During the Soviet period, the church remained without a priest and was closed. The state of the temple was maintained by local residents.

Trinity Church in Kossovo
snapshot from the book - "Code of monuments of history and culture" of the late 80s, before the reconstruction of the church

A little further down the street preserved Orthodox church mid 19th century. The Trinity Church is located right in the center of Kossovo, on Michurin Street.

When visiting these places, be sure to visit museum-estate of Tadeusz Kosciuszko и Palace of the Puslovskys.

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