Trinity Church in Gervyaty was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. He is considered one of the highest temples in Belarus61 meters - This is the height of about a twenty-story building. Because of this, the cross, which is located on the spire of the building, seems quite small, although in fact it is six meters high.

If we consider the Trinity Church in Gervyaty in the context of history, the first wooden church appeared here at the beginning of the 16th century, but only in 1899 the construction of a new church, grandiose by the standards of that time, began here. "Sponsored" this construction Prince Olshevsky. The architects of the project were Alshalovsky и Vaclav Mikhnevich.

Especially for the construction of the temple on the banks of the local river Losha, a brick factory was equipped.

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Building materials were made to last, they even say that for better strength, one egg was added to each brick.

The temple in Gervyaty was built in the style gothic and neogothic. In this architectural style, internal and external decorations, the adjacent territory are sustained.

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The church is considered to be one of the most majestic and beautiful on the territory of our country. Many call it "белорусский Notre-Dame de Paris».

One of the main features Church of the Holy Trinity - the consistency of all elements, they are not flashy and pretentious, but harmoniously combined with each other.

The temple has three naves, which are separated from each other by two rows of five columns each.

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The walls of the temple are decorated with narrow lancet window openings in niches. Around the temple there is a neat park with rare ornamental plants and figures of the apostles.

Not far from Gervyat there are several more interesting places: Vornyany (church, watchtower) Ostrovets (2 churches). See others sights of Belarus on the map.

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