Arriving in Dubai for a short time, but planning to explore the city, it makes sense to get yourself a card for travel on public transport (NOL-card). It works not only in the metro, but also in buses and trams. It is sold in metro terminals through special machines or cash desks and has 4 formats. Tourists are usually interested in only 2 of them - red and silver. What is the difference? Red – for one-time metro trips, payment depending on the number of stations. You should take such a card only if you plan to get to a certain point, for example a hotel, and no longer have to go anywhere by public transport.

Red map of travel to Dubai

У silver card significantly higher functionality and capabilities. It can be topped up at all terminals and used in any public transport, the main thing is to monitor the balance.

Dubai bus map

In addition to the cost of the card itself - 10 dirhams, there is also a mandatory balance limit 7,5 dirhams. This means that in order to make a trip you need to have at least 7,5 dirhams on your balance, otherwise the machine will not let you through and will beep. Therefore, I advise you to plan your trips and calculate your budget. It should also be taken into account that the cost of travel varies not only from the type of transport, but also the duration of the route, the number of stops and zones.

The cheapest trip will cost 3 dirhmam.

Most expensive - 7,5 dirhams.

The Dubai Metro is convenient and fairly easy to navigate. There are several branches: red, green and pink. Among the nuances: there is a carriage only for women, marked with a special symbol and the inscription “Ladies only”, as well as a Gold carriage - for passengers with a gold Nol card.

Metro in Dubai

Despite the development of public transport in Dubai It can be difficult to get to the right place. So, for example, the metro is located far from the water and in any case you will need to transfer to a bus or tram.

Tram to Dubai
The tram to Dubai is the most expensive type of public transport, the trip costs 5 dirhams minimum

But the problem is that the buses do not go along the most convenient route, if we talk about beach places. Probably in Dubai, public transport is no longer created for tourists, but still for local residents for whom beaches are not so important. Buses in each emirate differ in style, so in Dubai they are red and white.

What do buses look like in Dubai?

Inside, all buses are comfortable and convenient; before entering, you need to attach your NUL card to the reading terminal, and the same must be done before exiting.

Public bus in Dubai

The screen will show your current balance, as well as the cost of the trip. A common alternative to the bus and metro is a taxi. If you rent a car for a group of 4 people, the trip may cost even less than using public transport. I advise you to install the local application – Carem, through which it is convenient to place orders online (if you suddenly don’t know where to get the Internet, order in advance international card).

There are two types of bus stops: closed, equipped with air conditioning, and regular ones, with a “Bus Stop” sign.

Bus stop in Dubai
This is what a bus stop looks like

It is convenient to top up Nul cards through ticket offices; remember that the minimum top-up amount is 5 dirhams.

Ticket office in Dubai

The second option for replenishing the card is through special machines; they are installed at all metro stations. They accept bills, coins and bank cards.

How much does a bus fare cost in Dubai?

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