Novogrudok is a special place for Belarus, which is included in the TOP tourist cities. In addition to famous landmarks like castle ruins и Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, there are less popular, but worthy of attention. For example - malls in the very center of Novogrudok.

Shopping malls in Novogrudok

Similar structures have been preserved in many cities: Pruzhany, Nesvizh, Shklov. Novogrudok chambers of commerce were built in 1812. First of wood, and 20 years later rebuilt of stone.

Sights of Belarus shopping malls in Novogrudok

In the first half of the 20th century, the malls looked different. Doric columns were placed along the entire perimeter of the building. Today, only 1/3 of the entire complex has survived.

Shopping arcade Novogrudok

As in the old days, the building is used for commercial purposes. The chambers were restored in 1953. The attraction is located on the street Minsk 3.

Not far from the shopping malls you can see Nicholas Church.

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