Top sitcoms to watch!

The sitcom genre appeared in USA, on the radio, back in the 20s of the last century. Over a long history, the format was modified in the body and gained immense popularity by the 90s. Of course, the situational comedy genre boasts dozens of unique series that captured the attention of their time. In our collection we have collected sitcoms to watch. There will be both cult series that everyone has heard of, and something very worthy, but not so famous.

1. Friends (kinopoisk 9,255)

Friends is a series that everyone should watch, especially if you love the sitcom genre! After watching, you will only have a smile on your face and a storm of positive emotions. "Friends" became the ancestor and inspiration for many other themed series. The plot revolves around 6 friends living in New York. The heroes love to joke, especially with each other, share secrets and experiences in their favorite “Central Coffee House”, build intrigues and, of course, fall in love. 10 seasons will fly by unnoticed, and the last episode will make you feel a little, but pleasantly sad. After all, you will not want to part with the characters you already love.

Season 9 Fight GIF by Friends 

2. How I Met Your Mother (kinopoisk 8,54)

A story of friendship, love and sparkling humor for 9 seasons. The plot develops around the main character - Ted, who tells his children how he met their mother. True, during the story, Ted will be distracted more than once and will tell hundreds of other stories, often related to his friends. This sitcom has all the attributes of the genre, and the humor will make you re-watch your favorite episodes more than once.

how i met your mother series GIF

Council: if you watch in Russian voice acting, then only Courage Bambay 

3. The Simpsons (kinopoisk 8,4)

Despite the fact that The Simpsons is an animated series, in fact it is an example of an American sitcom. It has all the classic attributes of the genre, and the plot does not need to be described - you already know it. The husband is a fool, the wife is smart and beautiful, three different children and many stereotypical, secondary characters. The series has a huge history that began 30 years ago, so in our top sitcoms just couldn't turn it on.

the simpsons gif

4. Clinic (kinopoisk 8,7)

The sitcom Clinic made a splash in the early 2000s. There were many reasons for such success: great actors, thoughtful script and great humor.

song celebrate GIF

5. Office (kinopoisk 8,138)

If you've heard of the first four shows on our list of top sitcoms to watch, The Office might have missed it. This sitcom did not become world famous and as popular as “Friends”, but it was made sincerely and very much in the genre. All actions take place in an ordinary office, where the boss is the icing on the cake of the company's comedy. The series has excellent cast and humor, but closer to the last seasons something went wrong.

office agree GIF by EditingAndLayout

6. American Family (film search 8,1)

An excellent American sitcom about the life of wealthy Americans. There are themes of minorities, the problems of children and parents, growing up and aging, but everything lends itself to reasonable measures and looks very easy. The main feature is humor, high-quality, not vulgar, even though the rating is 16+

modern family thumbs up GIF

7. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (movie search 7,93)

A long-running series in the genre of situational humor that tells the story of 5 main characters, united by one idea, but different ideals. Brother and sister, their weird dad played by Danny DeVito, and 2 friends who open a bar together. The series has dark humor in places, but it is interesting to watch.

always sunny oops GIF by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

8. It can get worse (movie search rating 7,81)

You think what sitcoms to watchbut haven't heard of "It can get worse"? Then read no further - this is one of the exemplary series of the genre. The plot is built around the classic, poor Hack family from Indiana in USA. They try to solve simple everyday problems familiar to everyone. The role of the father of the family was played by actor Neil Flynn, known to many for his role as a janitor from the series “Clinic”.

middle watch tv GIF by ABC Network

9. Two Broke Girls (kinopoisk 7,6)

The main characters are completely different, so much so that they are almost opposites. But at some point, their destinies intersect and in this place the plot of the sitcom begins. Following the failures and hardships of two simple waitresses is fun and exciting, and you wish success to their goals.

happy 2 broke girls GIF by CBS

10. Everybody Hates Chris (movie search 8.0)

The series is based in part on the biography of Chris Rock. As befits a sitcom, everything here is exemplary: the father is a hard worker, the temperamental mother of the family and three children. Every character, including the secondary ones, is well written. The series lasted 4 seasons and ended on time, without having time to slide.

tyler james williams gif

council: be sure to watch in the voice acting of Courage Bambiy

11. Alf (rated on film search 7,9)

Compiling the top sitcoms worth watching, they could not ignore the Alf series. Appeared on television back in the late 80s, was well known to our viewers. Alpha has such attributes of a sitcom as off-camera laughter, studio shooting, sometimes silly plot and stereotypical characters. But! There was an alien in the show who eats cats, which was just unrealistic for that time. The character was very popular, and the series confidently lasted 4 seasons with a good rating.

interested spy GIFs

12. Klava, come on! (kinopoisk 7,19)

This series can not be called ingenious or masterpiece, but it is not bad. Such a typical office sitcom, where many employees do not work at all, but only pretend. The main characters are funny in places, but what else do you need?

13. Computer scientists (7,7 on film search)

There are more and more series about computer technology and IT people now, but there are not so many high-quality sitcoms. One of the worthy ones can be called the series “Computers”, about the technical support department in a large corporation. It started airing in 2006 and ran for 5 seasons.

working the crowd GIF

14. The Big Bang Theory (movie search 8,6)

You have probably heard about this series, it already has a cult status. It is difficult to tell something new about the plot, the main characters are physicists and noble wise men, whose problem is communication with people. But the problem finds a solution with the advent of a new beautiful neighbor. The series has great humor and a thoughtful cast of actors, and in 2019 the final season of the series was released.

the big bang theory good job GIF

An interesting fact: STV channel from Belarus tried to make its own adaptation called “Theorists”, but it turned out badly and ugly. The project was quickly curtailed, but the sediment remained with the fans.

15. Two and a half people (film search 7,7)

The series started back in 2003 and lasted as many as 12 seasons. True, during the filming, the cast changed. So the actor Charlie Sheen was replaced in season 9 by Ashton Kucher, although at that moment the sitcom was already at its peak and began to fade away. The plot develops around 2 brothers who look at life differently and follow their own path. However, fate brings them under one roof and adds problems in the form of a ten-year-old child.

charlie sheen gif

I hope you enjoyed the top sitcoms worth watching. More interesting in our category.

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