Board games created specifically to make leisure as interesting and entertaining as possible. This article contains interesting and popular board games that will appeal to both adults and children. Let's try to figure it out what board game to buy for a start-up company, regardless of age. We will select options for board games that can be played together or even alone. Today, in addition to children's games, a large number of game sets for adults are presented, which differ in the level of complexity, plot and goals of the game.

board games for adults


Optimal number of players: 3-6

Price: from 990 rubles (36 rubles in Belarus) for the base set. Add-ons from 290 rubles (10 bins in RB).

All editions of the game with delivery.

The game was released in 2001 and became a real masterpiece, as well as a multiple winner of various awards. The essence of the game is to get to level 10 ahead of rivals. The game is a card game, quite complex and confusing, it will take time to understand the rules. For those who love fantasy and role-playing games - definitely yes. Many additions have been released, as well as various modified versions.

If you decide to purchase Munchkin, then a video about the rules of the game will help you. It will help you understand the basics and quickly start playing.


The optimal number of players from 4 to 7

Price: the cost of a board game is approx. 2400 rubles (RB - 65 rubles)

There are many versions, editions and supplements.

Imaginaruim is an inspirational game, simple and addictive, designed for people with imagination. Its essence is to come up with associations for cards from the box. The plots on the cards were invented by slightly crazy artists, so the associations can be very different: from ordinary to complex and intricate - it all depends on your imagination.

Arkham Mysteries

You can even play the game one, but optimally in the company from 3 people.

The price for the basic set - 2300 rub. from (83 bin)

The board game is unique in its structure and resembles a real computer quest. There will be a lot of reading aloud and discussion with your team. The goal is to solve one of the 8 crimes in Arkham, for this you have to visit various addresses and collect evidence.

Machi Koro

For lovers and connoisseurs of the board game Monopoly, as well as for those who are looking for something exciting for a small company Machi Koro desktop. Play better in 3-5.

Cost - 990 rubles for the basic set, approx. 35 bins в Minsk.

Order a game in Belarus.

In the game, you have to buy enterprises and accumulate capital, ahead of your rivals. The rules are simple and you can quickly figure them out, there is an addition to the basic set, and an option for experienced players is also sold - Machi Koro Sharp.

Ticket to Ride (known to us as Trains)

The board game "Ticket for the train" is designed for 2-6 players. There is a children's version and additions. The classic version of the game is Ticket to Ride “Europe”.

The game is worth it 3500 rubles (125 bins)

The goal of the game is to build a railway route between cities, get ahead of your rivals and collect the most points.


If you are deciding which board game to buy first, then consider the option of a real masterpiece - Carcassonne. It can be played from 2 to 5 man, there is a children's version, as well as several additions.

Cost from 1290 rubles for a starter kit, you can immediately take an extended version with all additions for 3990. (In Belarus, the price is about 50 rubles)

Carcassonne will immerse you in the Middle Ages, where the goal of the game is to build a map with castles, roads, monasteries and bridges.


Our list of interesting board games could not be complete without the game “Ekivoki“. Fascinating plot and the ability to play a large company up to 16 people.

Price: 1850 Russian rubles (from 67 bins).

The goal of the game is to move your pawn to the victory point before the opponents. Each turn you have to perform some task for the time being.

Colonizers (also known as Catan)

Addictive economic game. Optimal quantity players 3-4.

Board game cost order 2490 rubles (90 bins).

board games for adults and teenagers

Colonizers is a real strategy of a military-economic nature, the essence of which is to create a colony on the island and develop it faster than rivals. During the game, you need to build cities and roads, extract resources and, of course, get ahead of your opponent.

Buy the game at the best price.


The game is perfect for a company from 2 to 4 people.

Price for the basic set 1790 rubles (near 65 bino).

There are add-ons and various versions, including an updated edition of the classic game.

The victory will go to whoever can find the most treasures and drag them to the ship - one of the most intricate strategies is to intercept those who are trying to take the gold.

Scotland Yard. Hunt for Mr. X

The game set will cost 3170 rubles, can play from 3 to 6 people.

The game got its name from the famous headquarters of the London police. There is a map of London on the field, at the beginning of the game a criminal is selected who walks along secret paths, and other participants are looking for him. Once every 5 turns, he announces his location. The cops can't relax to catch a criminal.

Tell us what games do you like? And we also have nostalgic materials on the games of the 90s: old computer games и legendary games on Dandy.

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