Cult games on PC - Heroes 3 (Heroes of Might and Magic III)

Describe such a cult game as Heroes 3 in simple words, almost impossible. This is the case when you need to definitely play, feel the universe and only then think about the question “What is this game about”. Heroes of Might and Magic III appeared in the post-Soviet space in 2000, the full name "Heroes of Might and Magic III: Erathia's Rise"

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The action of the game unfolded in the vast universe of Enroth, where after the death of the king begins a big mess with dark forces and the invasion of enemies.

game genre - step-by-step strategy, which implies a sequence of moves in the context of admissible time. And here it seems to me that one of the moments that made the game hid people's - the possibility of co-op (play together, three or more people). Today - it seems absurd, but in the early 2000s, everything was different. When you sit down to play with friends on the same computer, move by move, all this brought unrealistically cool emotions.

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The mechanics of the game remained the same as in the previous parts, we have to play as a conditional hero (often several heroes), who leads his armies to battle, manages castles, discovers new lands and completes quests.

In Heroes 3, the possibility of developing your character is implemented, which also added points to the game. Here and the collection of artifacts, spells, training and other goodies.

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The second aspect that, in my opinion, made the game a cult one is army battles. In fact, this is a mini-game inside the main gameplay. In battles, they had to use all their tactical, strategic and logical skills, and often just the “Fast Escape” skill.

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It was no less exciting to develop cities. Total was 9 city types: Castle, Stronghold, Tower, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon, Citadel, Fortress, Conjugation. The last truth was added only in the supplement Blade of Armageddon.

Of course Heroes of Might and Magic had a campaign mode. Or rather, as many as 7 scenarios: "Long Live the Queen", "Dungeons and Devils", "Echoes of War", "Liberation", "Long Live the King", "Praise the Father" and "Seeds of Discontent". Here again, one “BUT”, the last campaign opens as an addition.

Do you think the creators of the game stopped at all these chips? No, they left the option “Map editor” and everyone could create their own unique location.

Heroes of Might and Magic III - repeatedly recognized as the best game, and in the turn-based strategy genre, to this day, a more exciting universe has not been created.

The game series had several additions:

The first addition Armageddon's Blade released the same year as the main game. Next addition The Shadow of Death appeared in 2000, added many artifacts, several scenarios and characters. There were also several pirated add-on versions: In the Wake of Gods и Horn of the Abyss, the latter, by the way, adds a new city - a pirate Wharf.

At the end of 2014, Ubisoft, which owns the rights to the game, released a re-release of Might & Magic Heroes III HD Edition.

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