16-bit consoles and top best sega games - part 1

We already had a selection of cult 8-bit games, it's time to move on to the "golden age" of the gaming industry - 16-bit. You can talk about this period endlessly, according to many experts, it is from consoles SEGA и Nintendo the boom of consoles began, which does not subside even today. This article has collected top 18 games for shogo, both in solo mode and for two.

Judge Dredd

An exciting toy with high-quality graphics and a plot based on the movie Judge Dredd. In the arsenal of our hero there is a good choice of weapons, but in addition to killing opponents, they can also be arrested, which is taken into account in the process. Each mission has its own additional tasks, many caches and outcomes when you won't win at all.

Sego game Judge Dredd

Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf

One of my favorite Segoo Shooter games. You will play as a combat helicopter, performing various missions to destroy enemy buildings and rescue hostages. There are 3 types of weapons in the arsenal: a machine gun, medium rockets and more powerful ones. Ammunition and fuel are limited and must be constantly replenished. Opponents are diverse, ranging from infantrymen, who are plainly and invisible, ending with massive air defense stations.

Interesting games on Sega Desert Strike

Comix Zone

Action game with excellent animation and nice graphics. During the game, the locations change like the pages of a comic book, which looks very unusual and unique. You need to play as an artist (part-time fighter) - Sketch Turner, which famously can deal with any evil spirits. The gameplay is addictive and captivating, in addition to fights, you have to solve quests and riddles, plus the plot is non-linear.

Top best sega Comix Zone games

Comix Zone definitely falls into top best sega console games in its Action genre.

Cannon Fodder

An interesting and rather unusual strategy game. You have to manage a whole squad of soldiers and complete various military missions: destroy enemies, blow up buildings, etc. Cannon Fodder captivates from the first seconds. It is possible to save and continue playing later.

Cannon Fodder game on sega

Alien 3

Aliens 3 is an action game where the goal is to save people from monsters within a limited time. Alien 3 - quickly draws you into the gameplay. In the arsenal of the protagonist there are 4 types of weapons, with limited ammunition: machine gun, flamethrower, grenades and grenade launcher. Aliens themselves are very agile and can easily kill, but the plus of the game is the presence of first-aid kits throughout the location and a large scale of lives. At Alien 3 good 2D graphics with a thoughtful plot and 3 difficulty levels.

Top Sega Games - Alien 3

Addams Family

There have been at least 2 games based on The Addams Family on 16-bit consoles. One is an RPG - top view, with the name Addams Family Values, and the second is a classic walker, The Addams Family. Both games can hardly be called masterpieces, but there is something in them. In the arcade version, you will play as Gomez, who explores the family mansion and the surrounding area. We have no weapons, you need to jump on enemies to kill. This alignment quickly gets boring, since there are a lot of opponents and they kill pretty quickly.

Addams Family top sega games

Beauty and the Beast - Belle's Quest

A game based on the famous Disney cartoon "The beauty and the Beast” in the platformer genre, with elements of a quest. We play as Belle, who, in order to complete the game, will interact with the locals and perform various tasks. The story is good, as is the visuals. According to rumors, real masters can complete the entire game in 15 minutes.

Beauty and the Beast interesting shogo games

James Bond 007

Publishers and developers could not ignore the person James Bond, so it appeared action game for shogo James Bond 007. Our hero has a pistol and grenades in his arsenal, the ammo is limited and runs out quickly. Enemies routinely run back and forth, but often manage to shoot first. The goal of the game is to rescue the hostages and eliminate the terrorists.

james bond 007 sega game

Bubba N Stix

A game about the guy Boobu and his multifunctional stick (don't laugh), it is thanks to this item that most puzzles are solved and monsters are defeated. A classic Adventure game with decent graphics and music.

Sega games review Bubba N Stix


One of the many games in the universe Castlevania, which was also released on 16-bit consoles. The goal of the game is to destroy Dracula, destroying hordes of various evil spirits along the way. The game is designed for one player, although before the start you can choose who to play: John Morris or Eric Lecard. Each has its own type of weapon and secret skills. In my opinion, Castlevania Bloodlines is a very difficult platform game.

Sego game Castlevania - Bloodlines

Top shoga games for two

I think every owner of a 16-bit console wondered: what game should you play together on the Sega?

Caliber Fifty

A game in the genre of a shooter with a single passage mode and for two. Heroes have to enter into an unequal battle with hordes of soldiers. The controls are a little wooden (you need to spin and then move), the graphics are quite satisfactory, the plot is simple, but addictive. The game has bosses and different difficulty levels.

Sego game Caliber Fifty

Combat cars

With all the number of games in the “racing” genre, there are few really worthy and exciting ones. One of these games is Combat cars. Top view, available game mode for two (duel and against the computer), good graphics and great music. Before the start, it is possible to choose a personalized rider and car.

  Sego game Combat Cars

Golden Ax game series (3 parts)

The most popular games for two are, of course, in brawler genre (fights-walkers). In my opinion, the series was especially successful on this series. Golden Ax. Each part improved the previous one, adding new features and heroes.

Golden Ax games sega review

Joe & Mac

A fun and exciting toy for two. We play as prehistoric ninjas (yes, that's what they are officially called), who must save their girlfriends from the hands of villains. In the arsenal: endless axes and bones that can be thrown at the enemy. There are many bosses in the game plot, there are simple tasks-quests.

top best games for sega joe mac

Batman Forever

From such a popular franchise as Batman several games have been released for sega, but the mode for two is only in Batman Forever. You have to play as Batman and Robin, each has a set of punches and kicks, as well as the skill of owning cables. Side view, the graphics are not bad for their time, but the locations and the plot sometimes baffle and it seems that the game freezes. By the way, there are 2 modes: co-op and rivalry.

Top best games for sega Batman Forever

Contra-Hard Corps

Contra has successfully migrated from 8bit to 16bit, keeping the best thing about it - endless shooting and not forgetting to improve the graphics at the same time. Also, the creators have added a variety of characters (4 heroes are now available).

Segoo shooter - Interesting shogo games Contra

General Chaos

A game in the strategy genre where you have to manage a squad of fighters and destroy the enemy. The battle is 5 * 5, where each soldier has his own type of weapon and certain skills. General Chaos It is interesting to play together, both in co-op mode, and every man for himself.

General Chaos sega game

I hope you liked the first part of the material of the top best games for the sega console, read the continuation here. You can order a prefix with +500 at the link, the price is about $20.


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