Collected top disaster movies, which capture their plot literally from the first minutes. Do you want large-scale spectacles and destruction? Then choose a movie from our list. Natural disasters that make you think that the Earth can cruelly repay humanity for a bad attitude towards itself.

The Day After Tomorrow

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The Earth is confidently moving towards a global ecological catastrophe. In one part of the world, all living things die from drought, in the other, the raging water element demolishes cities. The proximity of a catastrophe forces a climate scientist trying to find a way to stop global warming to go in search of his missing son in New Yorkin which a new ice age began.

2012 (2012)

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According to the Mayan calendar, in 2012 the planets of the solar system will be in line with each other. This will lead to global natural disasters: strong earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions will turn countries and entire continents into ruins.

Top Disaster Movies

Recently, scientists have confirmed that this myth can become a reality.


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Top Disaster Movies

A comet flies to earth, but according to scientists, there should be no consequences for the planet. But the closer the comet is, the more obvious it becomes that its fall will cause a catastrophe. The US government begins an emergency evacuation of people significant to humanity, the main character is on this list, but not his son. Will it be possible to escape from inevitable death?

Fault San Andreas (San Andreas)

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Ray is a rescue helicopter pilot who has helped other people all his life. For all the time of work, he had seen enough of a lot of terrible things and more than once found himself in very difficult situations. Despite all the obstacles, he hurried to help, not even suggesting that the worst was waiting for him ahead. A powerful earthquake hits California, killing hundreds of people and creating a huge crack.

Tornado (Twister)

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Meteorologists enter into a desperate duel with a formidable and little-studied natural phenomenon. Collapsing buildings everywhere, broken power lines, cars and animals lifted into the air, people dying. Small and insignificant are the personal troubles of the heroes in the face of the raging elements.

Omen (Knowing)

KP - 6,9

After opening the “time capsule”, in which in 1959 a group of schoolchildren placed drawings with their vision of the future, a mysterious sheet, covered with numbers from top to bottom, falls into the hands of teacher John Koestler. In search of deciphering the contents of the sheet, Koestler makes a mysterious connection between the numbers and the world's largest disasters that have occurred on Earth in the past 50 years. If the numbers are to be believed, tragedies cannot be avoided in the future, only now Koestler knows when to expect them. But is there a way to prevent them? And most importantly: what will happen when the chain of numbers ends?


KP - 7,9

The plot of the film is based on the true story of one of the many families who found themselves on December 26, 2004 on the coast of Southeast Asia, which was hit by a devastating tsunami. The lives of these people have changed once and for all. The British close-knit Bennet family goes to Thailand for the Christmas holidays. They stop in the picturesque coastal region of this country - in the quiet resort town of Khao Lak. There, on the shores of one of the seas of the Indian Ocean, a new hotel has just opened, which is the best suited for a family vacation.

On the fateful morning of December 26, the family is located near the pool. Maria basks in a sun lounger, and Gary goes swimming with the children. They cannot even imagine what horror is moving at them with great speed. A giant dirty killer wave suddenly crashes into Khao Lak and sweeps away everything in its path in a matter of seconds. It is followed by a new wave, not allowing the few survivors to come to their senses. A blooming resort turns into a ghost town.


Kinopoisk - 7,9

The 1976 Tangshan (Hebei Province) earthquake lasted less than half a minute, but claimed several hundred thousand lives. Those seconds put the mother in front of an impossible choice - to save her son or daughter, and the rescue turned into a burden of guilt for decades.

Armageddon (Armageddon)

Kinopoisk - 7,8

One of the most iconic disaster films, heading many lists and TOP selections.

The main character (actor Bruce Willis) is trying to save humanity from inevitable death due to the fall of an asteroid. A powerful picture that set the bar for many films of the disaster genre.

Interstellar (Interstellar)

KP - 8,6

This picture shows a possible ecological catastrophe - drought, lack of harvest, food collapse, which forces humanity to seek ways to save itself from extinction.

Wave (Bølgen)

Kinopoisk - 6,3

An alarm is heard over the sleeping city. What seismologists feared so much has come true - the strongest tectonic shift causes the collapse of the mountain range. Now a giant deadly tsunami is heading straight for people. Experienced geologist Christian Aykord finds himself at the epicenter of the worst nightmare of his life.

Into the Storm

KP - 6,2

In just one day, an incredible "invasion" of tornadoes almost destroyed the town of Silverston. All its inhabitants have been handed over to the unpredictable and deadly tornadoes, and at the same time, meteorologists say that the worst is yet to come. Most seek shelter, while a few daredevils go into the elements, testing themselves.


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To prevent an ecological catastrophe, the main character needs to stop the train, which is losing control. The problem is that the train is unmanned and carries a dangerous chemical cargo.

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7 years ago

I really love disaster movies. Because such films usually look very spectacular. I recommend the movie The Sign. I liked the unusual plot. Unexpected ending. For those who like movies with an unusual plot, I recommend it.