If you want to please friends and loved ones on holidays, then new Year presents buy better in advance. After all, when shopping at the last moment, you can find nothing or buy something thoughtlessly. So hurry up. So you save time on the eve of the holiday and money. The symbol of the upcoming 2022 will be tiger. And this can be taken into account when choosing a presentation.

look at the tree

So what gifts to give for the New Year 2022?

The most massive and best-selling gift, no doubt, will be various souvenirs with  the symbol of the year is the tiger. There is a huge choice here: from piggy banks, figurines and plush toys to flash drives, slippers, sleep masks and Christmas tree toys. Consider as an option wooden puzzle in the form of a tiger.

This puzzle costs about 50 rubles and is perfect as a gift for both children and adults.

Everything in the house or on the farm will come in handy

It is worth mentioning gifts for creating home comfort. A great gift would be something for home improvement. It can be home textiles in the form of bed linen, a blanket, decorative pillows and towels.


A larger selection of such gifts is on the OMA website in the textile section.

It would also make a very appropriate gift. RїRѕSЃSѓRґR °. Here you can choose both dishes for cooking and for table setting.

dishes as a gift

Even if a person does not particularly like to cook, he will still be delighted with the original fruit bowl, good glasses, a coffee pot or a teapot for brewing fragrant tea. Speaking of tea! This is also a wonderful gift, you can pick up one, for example, on the OZ website.

What else absolutely everyone is happy with is household appliances and electronics. It will be a great Christmas present for the whole family. But it's better when you know exactly what your loved ones have long wanted. So that the next toaster does not gather dust in the closet.

KIVI novelties and KIVI MEDIA app with unique content

The choice of equipment is now huge (dozens online stores to help you), so you will find where to buy, we will give only advice. For example, an ultra-modern coffee maker, air grill, steamer, projector, tablet or even a washing machine can be a good gift for the New Year. And what? In the New Year with a new washing machine. Only your budget can limit you.

home appliances

If all of the above seems too ordinary for you, and you are looking for interesting gifts for the New Year, then we have a couple of ideas.

book for new year

Remember this phrase: "The best gift is a book". Many can argue, but in today's digital world, a printed book is perceived really unusual. It can be both fiction and non-fiction, and even better - a book in your native language. For example - Harry Potter, the first 3 parts have already been released.

Harry Potter in Belarusian

For friends who love fun companies, pick up an exciting board gamethat won't let you get bored. Now there are a lot of them, some of them can be played on teams.

what board game to buy

Here are some of our articles to help:

The most interesting board games for two

Top economic board games for the company

jenga game

It will also bring friends and family together in a joint creative process. Sets for creativity and all kinds of designers will come in handy as never before. You can make a ship model together, assemble and decorate the castle.


Or recreate Lego Harry Potter universe.

lego Hogwarts Great Hall

All lovers of high technology can be presented with a useful or funny gadget. Even here, there is a wide price range, from a budget USB lamp to VR glasses and drones.

And instead of the classic diary, which is traditionally given for the new calendar year, surprise with an electronic notebook. But who said that there should be only one gift? You can collect a set of sweets, useful and pleasant things. To each his own personal box. Such sets are actively sold through Instagram.

gift box


  1. Last year I gave my parents a coffee maker - my coffee lovers were immensely happy! I also love desktops and often choose them as gifts for friends.
    Until I realize that December has come and I need to start a shopping run. Who has already started shopping?


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