Nalibokskaya Pushcha - this is a huge forest area, located near the center Belarus. The places here are truly beautiful and unique, besides, if you try a little, you can see the wild inhabitants of the forests here. Among which there are not quite wild, but definitely unusual, these are Tarpan horsesliving in Reserve "Naliboksky".

Tarp horses in the Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Horse tarpans

Here these descendants of the ancients tarpans (*an extinct species of wild horse) was brought from the Netherlands just a few years ago. This gratuitous deal also had a number of important conditions: the horses must remain in their natural environment and live without human help. At this stage, the Nalibok horsemen are doing well.

Tarpany Belarus

Tarpan horses

Tarpan horses They are very helpful in mowing the lawn. Living in large herds in the meadows, they do not allow the fields to overgrow with weeds and weeds, which in turn helps other wild animals and birds.

Nalibokskaya Pushcha wild horses

Horse in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Tarpan horses in Belarus

Tarpan horses

A typical herd of horses consists of large and small harems, where one male (stallion) can have up to several mares, each of which has or will have foals.

Nalibokskaya Pushcha Belarus

Those stallions who did not have enough females or were unable to win - get into a "bachelor" group, which usually keeps a little far from the herd.

Tarpany Nalibokskaya Pushcha

The striking difference between tarpan horses and tarpans lies in the details. In wild horses, the mane stood upright, like a mohawk, and in bred horses, it was already more classic - flowing.

Horses in the Nalibokskaya Forest

Although in the process of observing the horses, I noticed that in some individuals the mane stands a little upright. Who knows, maybe in a few generations the selection will lead to the fact that the mane will again become like that of the ancestors.

Tarpany Belarus

Initially, about 150 horses were brought to Belarus, and now there are already much more of them. It is quite possible that over time they will be resettled in other regions of our country.

Nalibokskaya Forest horses

Tarpan horses are very emotional. In just one hour of observation, you can see the fights of stallions, and the gentle hugs of couples, as well as reverent care for offspring.

Tarpan horses

Despite all this idyll, one should not forget that these are still wild animals that you don’t need to get close to. Konik in case of danger or potential threat to the foal can easily inflict a fatal blow with its hooves.

Wild horses in the Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the reserve, then you should contact specialists or guides who will tell you how to safely observe these amazing creatures.

Wild horses in Belarus

On the outskirts of the Nalibokskaya Pushcha there are also historical sights. For example ruins of the Tyszkiewicz estate "Vyaloe" and beautiful Church of St. Michael the Archangel in the urban village of Ivenets.



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