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Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi is a city that is not so rich in historical attractions, so tourists mainly give preference to cultural and entertainment ones, for example, the main museum of the capital of the UAE - the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The museum is located in...
Jeep desert safari from Dubai - impressions, prices, review

Dubai Desert Safari

The most popular entertainment in Dubai, and in the UAE in general, is a trip to the desert safari. There are a huge number of different options from a variety of organizers that offer both a simple round trip and...
The green planet Dubai

The Green Planet – Zoo in Dubai

If you are looking for something to do for a couple of hours in the city of Dubai and get a pleasant experience, then I advise you to visit The Green Planet. This is a kind of zoo where you can see many exotic birds, and...
Dubai - main attractions and interesting places

Dubai – what to see?

Dubai is an unusual city and the approach to attractions here is unique. For example, if you believe the Tripadvisor website, the TOP 3 popular tourist sites in the city are located within walking distance of each other and are essentially one...
Review of Holiday Inn Express Dubai

Holiday Inn Express Dubai – Budget Hotel

Finding a hotel for a solo trip to Dubai can be quite an adventure. On the one hand, there are hundreds of luxury and unique hotel complexes in the city - on the other hand, their cost sometimes reaches up to $500 per night. Except...
Public transport in Dubai - fare

Public transport in Dubai

Having arrived in Dubai for a short time, but planning to explore the city, it makes sense to get yourself a card for travel on public transport (NOL-card). It works not only in the metro, but also in buses and trams. For sale...
How to pay for travel on Abu Dhabi buses

Public transport in Abu Dhabi

City buses are the main form of public transport for Abu Dhabi in general and especially for budget tourists. With the help of buses you can see not only the main attractions, but also get to the beaches,...
Oryx Hotel review and photos

Oryx Hotel – a hotel option near the water in Abu Dhabi

On the one hand, Abu Dhabi has a huge number of different hotels, most of which can be classified as premium segment. However, those hotels that were built more than 15-20 years ago today are already, with great stretch, reaching this...

Minsk on old photos and postcards

What did Minsk look like in the first half of the 20th century and the early post-war years? Old postcards depicting iconic...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Unusual obelisk in Koldychevo

Once upon a time in Koldychevo there was an estate with a small estate of the Shalevich-Filipovichs, which they in turn received from the Nesvizh Radziwills. The central object of the estate complex was a compact...

TOP 55 apps and websites for travelers 2024

If you're planning a vacation, these travel apps and websites will help you plan your trip. The list will include convenient search engines for hotels, ...
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