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Novodevyatkovichi - ancient cemetery and ruins of tombs

Novodevyatkovichi - an ancient cemetery and the ruins of tombs

One of the sights of the agro-town Novodevyatkovichi is an old Catholic cemetery where there are two chapels-tombs. One was probably built for the Slug family, and the second for representatives of the middle gentry - Kollupailo. A more refined tomb belonged to Ludwig Kollupailo, was built...

Church and ruins of the bell tower in Novodevyatkovichi

The central attraction of the Novodevyatkovichi agro-town is the Peter and Paul Church and the ruins of the bell tower. The construction of the temple was carried out at the end of the 18th century by order of Tadeusz Sliznya and his wife Sophia Chetvertinskaya. The project was carried out by the architect Antonio Kzhechotti, the result of...
Where was the estate of Slugs in Novodevyatkovichi?

Where was the estate of Slugs in Novodevyatkovichi?

Novodevyatkovichi is a large agricultural town 30 kilometers from Slonim with a rather rich and interesting history. In the annals, the place (then simply Devyatkovichi *) has been known since the end of the 16th century as the possession of the Meleshko family. After them...

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