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Love, Death & Robots from Netflix - Season 3

In 2019, an interesting animated series Love, Death & Robots was released on the Netflix service. Viewers and critics liked this concept, so there was no question of extending the series for the next seasons. And so...
3 good fantasy animated series worth watching

3 good fantasy animated series

In recent years, many animated series designed for an adult audience have been released. Even on our site there were already 2 large collections: the first part and the second. Now the world's studios pay special attention to the film adaptation of various games, in...
We're All Dead - Netflix's New Korean Hit

We're All Dead - Netflix's New Korean Hit

At the very end of January 2022, the premiere of the Korean TV series We're All Dead was held on the Netflix streaming platform. The plot revolves around the survival of teenagers from a high school in the city of Hyesan, where a real epidemic suddenly began (well...
C Means Family - Season 5 Finale Arrives on Netflix

F Is for Family - Final Season 5 Released on Netflix

Around 2015, through the efforts of the famous comedian Bill Burr, the animated series F Is for Family was born. For the first 4 seasons, we were told the story of the Murphy family in a comical way, but we ...
Cartoon series that are interesting to watch for adults

Animated series that are interesting to watch for adults - part 2

Somehow, on our site, a selection of animated series for too grown-ups has already been released. It collected all the cult animated series over the past decades. However, as time goes by, a lot of fresh new products have appeared. In this article -...
Disenchantment by Matt Groening season 3 - when?

Netflix's "Disappointment" Season 3, when can we expect it?

Season 3 is nearly complete and is set to premiere on Netflix on January 15, 2021. We are waiting for 10 episodes of excellent humor and the style of the Middle Ages, so we are waiting. Watch the trailer and read the description about the series "Disappointment". https://youtu.be/dbeW29XDj5I If...
cartoons for all adults black humor

Top - 25 cartoon series for too adults

Animated series that are not boring for adults to watch Touching on topics about series and films, I repeatedly thought about a large selection of worthy animated series that are not boring to watch for adults. In the age of endless TV sagas and not the smartest films, many are moving ...
What is Netflix

What is Netflix and how to connect it? Analogues in the CIS

Television has long gone by the wayside and is significantly inferior to Internet technologies that allow you to connect a 52-inch family friend to online services. Now the user himself chooses what to watch and when, and not to rush from work to ...
cool series from netflix

TOP 13: Cool series from Netflix

The production of serials is an assembly line business that brings in billions of dollars at the box office. The fact that they smoothly replace classical cinema is already undeniable. But finding cool TV shows that open up something new is now difficult. Streaming service Netflix has been doing well...

Teofil Eugeniusz Boretti – photographer documenting Belarus at the end of the 19th century

Taking up photography now and, for example, 100 years ago is a completely different matter. Any centuries-old photographs are highly valued among collectors and enthusiasts....

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

What kind of unusual tower was there in Pryluky?

In old photographs and a drawing by Napoleon Orda, not only the Czapski Palace attracts attention, but also an unusual tower, somewhat reminiscent of a minaret. There was a four-tiered tower on the right...

TOP 55 apps and websites for travelers 2023

If you're planning a vacation, these travel apps and websites will help you plan your trip. The list will include convenient search engines for hotels, ...
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