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List of attractions in Lyakhovichi district

Church in the village of Krivoshin

Rebuilt church from the 18th century church in Krivoshin

Krivoshin is a rather interesting village in the Lyakhovichi region, where you can see a church rebuilt from an old church. Once these lands belonged to the Radziwills, who transferred part of the estate to the monks of the Jesuit order (approx. by the same people who built Farny ...
Peter and Paul Church in the village of Ostrov

Peter and Paul Church of the early 20th century in the village of Ostrov

In the agricultural town of Ostrov (formerly Ostrow), Lyakhovichi district, you can see a wooden church of the early 20th century. This is an interesting monument of wooden architecture, which is really impressive in its size and is much larger than similar temples. The church in Ostrov was built on the site...

Fleryanovskaya manor of the Bokhvitsey family

Manor Bokhvitsey - Fleryanovo The village of Fleryanovo is located in the Lyakhovichi district, Brest region, a region of Belarus, especially rich in old estates. The main attraction is the Bokhvitsa manor, which is also called Florianovo in some sources. This beautiful name...
farmstead in Grushevka

Grushevka, park complex of the Reitanov estate

Reytanov's estate in Grushevka Many interesting sights have been preserved in the Lyakhovichi district, among which the Reitanov's estate complex in the town of Grushevka stands out. The manor, like the family tomb, is now in the active stage of restoration. Probably literally...
church svyatychi

Church of St. George in the village of Svoyatichi, 1825

One of the main attractions of Svoyatichi is the Church of St. George, built in the classicism style in 1825. The massive stone temple is atypical in its form, elongated, but not at all wide and from the facade it seems absolutely small....
Manor Lopot Korenevshchina

Manor of Martinovsky-Lopotei in the village of Korenevshchina

A few kilometers from the Witch River, a 19th-century manor house in the village of Korenevshchina has been preserved. The history of the estate begins with the construction of the estate in 1847, when these lands were inherited by Romuald Lopot. Although the estate...
Soveiki history and description

Manor Novitsky in Soveiki

Soveiki - Novitsky estate, Soviet sculptures, brovar One of the most remarkable and interesting estates in the Lyakhovichi region is located in the small village of Soveiki. The large-scale Novitsky estate, a number of outbuildings, a brovar, a park, as well as interesting sculptures have been preserved here...
Peter and Paul Church in the village of Medvedici in eclectic style

Peter and Paul Church in the village of Medvedici

Literally 12 kilometers from the city of Lyakhovichi, Brest region, you can see the church of St. Peter and Paul. The one-tower temple, located in the village of Medvedici, is clearly visible even at the entrance. The stepped facade of the church has a tiered structure, which...
"Nacha Bryndzovskaya" - Chernotsky Manor in the agro-town of Nacha

"Nacha Bryndzovskaya" - the estate of the Chernotskys in the village of Nacha

Several interesting manor complexes united by a common sad fate have been preserved in the Lyakhovichi region. If the Reitanov estate in Grushevka is well known and popular among tourists, then the estate in the village of Nacha is the opposite. The agricultural town of Nacha today looks somehow...
tomb of the Reitans

Gothic chapel-tomb of the Reytans in Grushevka

The village of Grushevka, Brest region, is known for its unique Reitan estate. Since March 2020, active restoration of the entire estate complex has begun. Going to these places, be sure to check out the gothic chapel of the Reitans. It is located within a few...

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