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Tombs and chapels on the territory of Belarus (photo and description)

On the territory of Belarus, many interesting sights have been preserved, among which there are tombs of ancient families.

Chapel-tomb Kashitsey in Obrina (Pervomaiskaya)

Chapel-tomb Kashitsey in Obryna

The village of Pervomaisky (Pervomaiskaya), Korelichsky district, until 1948 was called Obryn (Obrina). The estate in these parts was founded by representatives of the Obrinsky family in the second half of the 16th century. From them, the estate passed to other noble families: the Khodkeviches,...
Wooden chapel in Oshmyany

Kaplichka and the Catholic cemetery in Oshmyany

Not far from the historical center of Oshmyany there is a rather interesting attraction - this is an old Catholic cemetery with a wooden chapel. The formation of this cemetery dates back to the end of the 18th - the first half of the 19th century. The wooden chapel that can be seen today was...
Lutheran chapel in Polotsk

Chapel-tomb at the Lutheran cemetery in Polotsk

Among the lesser known and not the most popular sights of Polotsk, one can single out an old Lutheran cemetery with a chapel. The place is located far from the central part of the city and will be more interesting for those who have been more than once...
Orthodox chapel of 1910 in the village of Bezdedovichi

Chapel-tomb of the Korsaks in Bezdedovichi

If you drive from Polotsk to Disna along the P14 highway, then along the way there will be a small village of Bezdedovichi, where you can see the manor house and the chapel-tomb of the Rimsky-Korsakov family, today the Church of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God. The chapel was built by...
Miloš Chapel in Idolta

Manor and chapel-tomb of Milose in Idolta

Idolta is an agro-town in the Miory region, located near the lake of the same name. Interestingly, there is no exact information about where this beautiful name came from. But it is known about the first owners of the town - this is the Rudaminov-Dusyatsky family, the coat of arms of the "Pipe". From them...
Neogothic chapel in the urban village of Ross

Neo-Romanesque chapel of St. Stephen in Russia

The urban settlement of Ross and all its main attractions are quite closely connected with the Potocki family, who had a family estate here. And if they try to see the Trinity Church and the Orthodox Church, then they often miss the chapel-tomb of the Potocki...
Chapel tomb of the Plater family in the village of Akhremovtsy

Neo-Gothic chapel-tomb of the Plater family in Akhremovtsy (Belmont)

Today's Akhremovtsy in the Vitebsk region is a medium-sized agro-town located near Lake Drivyaty. Of the attractions here, I would like to highlight the chapel-tomb of the Plater family. However, back in the early 20th century, these places were known as the estate...
Ancient Catholic cemetery and tomb of the 19th century in Brest

Ancient Catholic cemetery and tomb of the 19th century in Brest

In the central part of Brest, an old cemetery has been preserved, which is often called "Polish". Here you can see unusual tombs, several crypts, as well as a chapel-tomb of the mid-19th century. The cemetery itself was originally located on the outskirts of Brest-Litovsk, but with the growth of the city...
Abandoned chapel in Vidzy

Ruins of the 1861 chapel in Vidzy township

Vidzy is well known for its main attraction - the Trinity Church, but there are other interesting places. For example, the ruins of an unknown chapel in an old cemetery, located west of the center of the urban village. Unfortunately, reliable information who ...
Chapel of St. Hedwig in the village of Starodvorishche

Chapel of St. Hedwig in the village of Starodvorishche

If you go from the urban village of Vidzy to the agricultural town of Opsu, but make a short detour, you can see a wooden church in the village of Dalekie, as well as a chapel in Starodvorishche. Chapel of St. Hedwig is located in the Catholic cemetery. Made from...

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