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Ancient estates of Belarus: abandoned and restored

Manor in Mozheikovo

The estate of the Brokhotsky-Romers in Mozheikovo

On the section of the M6 ​​highway, between Lida and Shchuchin, there is the agricultural town of Mozheikovo, where you can see the restored estate, which is associated with the Romer family. However, it would be much more logical to attribute this estate to the property of the Kostrovitskys (who ...
Manor house in Gniezno

Tarasovich's estate in Gniezno

Gniezno, Volkovysk district, is well known for its 16th-century Gothic church, but this is not the only attraction in the agro-town. In the central part of Gniezno, you can see the former estate of the Tarasoviches and a number of outbuildings. The estate itself is quite old and...
The former Oznobinsky estate in the village of Pravye Mosty

Oznobishin's estate in Right Bridges

There is a rather famous city on the Neman River - Bridges, which is famous, as it is not surprising, for the longest suspension bridge in Belarus. In the neighborhood with it there is a settlement - Mosty Right, where you can see more...
Manor Volsky in Lipnishki

The former estate of the Volskys in Lipnishki

Since 1849, Lipnishki belonged to representatives of the noble Volsky family, who built a family estate in these parts. For three generations of this kind, Lipnishki were enthusiastically developed. It is quite appropriate to say that under them the place reached its...
Abandoned manor Olesha in the village of Novoberezhnoye

Abandoned manor Olesha in the village of Novoberezhnoye

Novoberezhnoye is a small part of the former Olesha farm, which was previously simply called Berezhnoye. Today here you can see an abandoned manor house of the late 19th century. Olesha, of the Brokhvich coat of arms, owned these lands for about 400 years, up to ...
Manor Broel-Plater in Ops

The abandoned manor of the Platers in the agro-town of Opsa

The first written mention of the town of Opsa dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. Since 1676, the neighborhood has been in the possession of the Tsekhonovychi family, under which a Catholic parish was founded and a wooden church was built (later a church would be erected in its place...
Estate of Napoleon Orda in Vorotsevichi

The estate of the Ords “Red Yard” in the village of Vorotsevichi

Perhaps every travel lover in Belarus has heard about Napoleon Orda, a composer and artist whose works made it possible to see many historical places of our country the way the author captured them almost 200 years ago. Family estate...
Abandoned estates of the Vitebsk region

Manor Wawrecki-Mineiko in Vidzy-Lovchinsky

Vidzy-Lovchinsky is a village a couple of kilometers from the urban village of Vidzy, located almost on the very border of Belarus and Lithuania. In chronicles, these places are mentioned as early as the end of the 16th century, but under the name Lovishche, ...
The former manor of the Oskerko family in Budslav (Polesie village)

Oskerko Manor in Budslav (Polesie village)

The Budslav lands on the Servech River belonged to the Oskerko family from the end of the 16th century until 1939. As you understand, this is a rather rare case for representatives of the same clan to own land for so long. In the village of Polissya...
Chapel tomb of the Plater family in the village of Akhremovtsy

Neo-Gothic chapel-tomb of the Plater family in Akhremovtsy (Belmont)

Today's Akhremovtsy in the Vitebsk region is a medium-sized agro-town located near Lake Drivyaty. Of the attractions here, I would like to highlight the chapel-tomb of the Plater family. However, back in the early 20th century, these places were known as the estate...

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Wooden Church of All Saints in Turov

One of the oldest cities on the territory of Belarus is Turov. People often come here to look at the unique stone crosses and the ancient settlement with a museum, visit...

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