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Ancient estates of Belarus: abandoned and restored

Svyatsk Belarus

Palace and park complex Volovichi in Svyatsk

Not far from Grodno there is a village with the beautiful name Svyatsk, where you can see a real palace of the late 18th century. The construction of this palace and park complex was carried out according to the project of the then popular Italian architect Giuseppe de Sacco. On the...
The former estate of the Tarasoviches in Lunno (Vola market town)

The former estate of the Krivitsky-Tarasovichi in Lunno (Vola market town)

Near the ancient town of Lunno (today - the agro-town of Mostovsky district), there was an estate with the sonorous name "Will". There is no such toponym on modern maps, and the territory itself is included in Lunno. These lands are rich...
Unusual abandoned house on the site of the farm "Brakovo"

An unusual abandoned house on the site of the Brakovo manor

On the way to the agricultural town of Svisloch, Grodno region, there is a small village of Branovo where a wooden house has been preserved. This is an unusual building, according to old maps, it is located on the site of the ancient Brakovo manor. Accurate data to whom and ...
The former estate of the Puslovsky-Krasinsky in Svisloch

The former estate of the Puslovsky-Krasinsky in Svisloch

Settlements with the name Svisloch are often found on the territory of Belarus, which sometimes causes confusion. This article will focus on the Krasinsky estate in Svisloch, Grodno region, Kvasovsky village council. The first chronicle mentions of this place...
Manor of Kashitsey-Raevsky Obrin, Pervomaisky village

Manor Kashitsey "Obrina" in the village of Pervomaiskaya

If you are looking for unusual historical places in Belarus, then you should visit the Korelichi district. In this area there is the village of Pervomaiskaya, in which the ruins of the Obrina estate complex have been preserved. On the territory of this once majestic estate, you can still...
Mound and estate of Voynilovichi in Savichy, Kopyl district

Mound and estate of Voynilovichi in Savichy

The Savichy estate belonged to the Voynilovichi family for almost 2,5 centuries, starting from 1662. Once upon a time, these were the richest lands with excellent farming, a palace, a distillery and, of course, a landscape park. Today about those distant times already ...
Where was the estate of Svyatopolk-Mirsky in Mir?

Lost Legacy: Svyatopolk-Mirsky Palace in Mir

One of the last owners of the Mir Castle were representatives of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky family, who bought these lands from the Wittgensteins in 1891. At that time, the castle was in a deplorable state and Nikolai Ivanovich from Svyatopolk-Mirsky decides to build...
Manor of Lubomirsky in Yurtsevo

The former estate-castle of the Lubomirskys in Yurtsevo

Not far from Orsha, in the village of Yurtsevo, you can see an unusual architectural monument - the former estate of the Lubomirskys. In 2020, the building was restored and is now used for the needs of the Vitebsk Regional Hospital IVOV. In addition to the impressive architecture with...
Manor Vankovichi in Minsk

Museum-estate “House of Vankovichi” in Minsk

On the very border of the Upper City of Minsk, from the side of Internatsionalnaya Street, you can see a small estate of the late 18th - first half of the 19th century, associated with the Vankovich family name. Now within the walls of this historical monument is the Museum "Culture...
Manor of Zavishy Kukhtichi in the village of Pervomaisk

The estate of the Zavishes “Kukhtichi” in the village of Pervomaisk

Quite often, confusion arises with the village of Pervomaisk associated with its historical and Soviet name. The manor complex of Zavishes appeared in the place of Kukhtichi, which was located on the territory where today the agricultural lyceum is located. However, the village of Kukhtichi ...

The city of Ivye in the 1982 film “Alien Father”

Thanks to the film "An Alien Father", released in 1982, we have the opportunity to look at the city of Ivye as it was during the filming. Below...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Water mill in the city of Ivye

Along the central street of Ivya you can see the old ordinary buildings of the city and of course the main attraction - the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, but there is more...

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