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what to see near minsk

Route in the shape of a bison: what to see near Minsk?

In the list of tourist routes of Belarus, the addition is the first route in the form of a bison. The unusual path was created live with the help of cars using GPS trackers during a car quest organized by the A100 gas station. What to see near...
What to see in Bobruisk? Interesting places and sights

What to see in Bobruisk? Interesting places and sights

Overview material of the weekend in the city with the beautiful name of Bobruisk. By the way, this is the largest city of Belarus from non-regional ones. Bobruisk is well known for its main attraction - the fortress, delicious marshmallows and perhaps the largest Jewish ...

What to see in one day in the city of Gomel?

Gomel in one day As you know, traveling is a great way to relax your soul and recharge with positive energy for a long time. Many tend to travel abroad, but there are many cities in Belarus with an interesting history, old architecture...
sights of Pinsk

Such a multifaceted Pinsk – a city guide

Sights of Pinsk The history of the city dates back to the 11th century, the first mention in 1097. Before becoming a part of the Republic of Belarus, Pinsk managed to visit the Principality of Turov, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, ...
travel in belarus

Travel season 2017. Part 1. Back and beyond!

Traveling in Belarus - Zadveya - Ishkold Everyday morning. Minsk. Automobile plant. It is clear, moderately frosty, we are going on the first trip to Belarus this season (2017). This time the purpose of our trip was the estate of the Radziwills...
Journey through the cities of Belarus

Journey across Belarus. part 3. Bridle - Pervomaisk

Minsk - Uzda - Pervomaisk, travel around Belarus by car. On one unusually warm December day, I had the opportunity to go on a short trip around Belarus by car, rather than continue the cycle of materials. The main goal was to see the Calvin...
Traveling in Belarus

Day route from Minsk: Rakov – Volozhin

The main purpose of the trip was to see with my own eyes the legendary estate of Tyszkiewicz. It is just located between Volozhin and the village of Ivenets. Of the manor house itself, only ruins have survived. But in the immediate vicinity there is also an abandoned ...
sights of Polotsk

Weekend guide to Polotsk

Polotsk is the oldest city in Belarus, whose history began in the distant 8th century. Every street, every building of this small, by today's standards, city is full of history and legends. We decided to go to this city in Vitebsk...

What kind of miracle? White starling in Minsk

In spring, dozens of different birds actively return to Belarus, among which starlings are especially noticeable. Melodious singing and unusual coloring with bright specks attracts...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Lyakhavichy Church of St. Joseph

There are 2 churches in Lyakhovichi, the first is the temple of 2004, named in honor of the Heart of Jesus, and the second is the Church of St. Joseph, which has more...

TOP 55 apps and websites for travelers 2024

If you're planning a vacation, these travel apps and websites will help you plan your trip. The list will include convenient search engines for hotels, ...
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