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Interesting buildings in Novogrudok

Unusual development in Novogrudok

Novogrudok is a unique city, rich in a variety of attractions, but for those for whom classical churches and museums are not enough, I suggest adding to the list of “what to see” - an unusual building of the first half of the 20th century. We'll talk about...
David Gorodensky monument in Grodno

Monument to David Gorodensky in Grodno

Grodno confidently occupies a leading position in the number of attractions among all cities in Belarus. In addition to churches, castles, palaces and ancient buildings, there are plenty of monuments to prominent figures and significant persons. And this list is periodically updated, so...
Obelisk of Tyszkiewicz in the city of Svisloch

Obelisk of Tyszkiewicz in the city of Svisloch

In the very center of Svisloch, a white obelisk rises, the history of which, like the city as a whole, is closely connected with the activities of Vincent Tyszkiewicz. The famous count and figure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania owned a number of estates on the territory of Belarus. He owned a luxurious...
Monument to Prince David in the Stolin district (David-Gorodok)

Monument to Prince David in the Stolin region

The central attraction of David-Gorodok is a monument to Prince David Igorevich, installed near the local House of Culture. It is believed that this Volyn and Dorogobuzh prince was involved in the founding of the city on these lands. The sculptor worked on the project of the bronze monument...
Where is the monument to Francis Bogushevich

Monument to Frantish Bogushevich in the city of Smorgon

One of the attractions of the city of Smorgon is the monument to Frantish Bogushevich (Francishak Bagushevich), installed in the central park. The architectural sketch was developed back in the early 90s, but it was only in 2009 that the project was realized in bronze....
Former home of Bazyl Yatsko, agro-town Svisloch

Former home of Bazyl Yatsko in 1911 in Svisloch

It is curious that one of the first sights of the agro-town of Svisloch, according to the documents, is not an ancient settlement at all, but a two-story house of the early 20th century. It was this building that was the first to receive the coveted nameplate "History-Cultural Kashtounasts". In many sources, the building is indicated ...
The oldest school in Belarus

Where is the oldest school in Belarus located?

One of the unique sights of the city of Slutsk is the building of the oldest school in Belarus, built at the Calvinist church in the early 17th century on behalf of Janusz Radziwill. The first version of the school was made of wood and was located ...
At this house, there is a Belarusian writer Yanka Maўr

The most beautiful balcony in Minsk in the house where Yanka Mavr lived

In the central part of the city of Minsk there is a small Myasnikova street, which is interesting for the building with probably the most, well, or one of the most beautiful balconies in the city. The house was built as a profitable building and completed by 1903 (Myasnikova street...
Where was the first power plant in Minsk

Where was the first power plant located in Minsk?

In the second half of December 2022, a new tourist point with a historical context appeared in Minsk - this is a partially recreated facade of the first city power plant (transformer substation). The construction of this power plant in Minsk began at the end of the 19th century,...
Orsha Korotkevich: places associated with the name of the writer

Orsha Karatkevich: places associated with the name of the national writer

In Orsha, in addition to classical architectural monuments, it is worth paying special attention to places that are dedicated to the life and work of Vladimir Korotkevich. After all, Orsha is the small homeland of one of the most famous writers of Belarus of the 20th century. AND...

Teofil Eugeniusz Boretti – photographer documenting Belarus at the end of the 19th century

Taking up photography now and, for example, 100 years ago is a completely different matter. Any centuries-old photographs are highly valued among collectors and enthusiasts....

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

What kind of unusual tower was there in Pryluky?

In old photographs and a drawing by Napoleon Orda, not only the Czapski Palace attracts attention, but also an unusual tower, somewhat reminiscent of a minaret. There was a four-tiered tower on the right...

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