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Church of St. Michael the Archangel Luzhka

Baroque church of the 18th century in the village of Luzhki

Luzhki is a rather ancient settlement, the first written mention of which dates back to the first half of the 16th century, as the possession of the Sapieha family. Since the 18th century, Meadows have already passed to Valerian Zhab, under whom...
The former monastery of the Bonifrats "Good Brothers" in the city of Vysokoe

Bonifrat Monastery “Good Brothers” in Vysokoe

Vysokoe is a city rich in history, located on the Pulva River. One of the attractions is the complex of buildings of the Bonifrat monastery. The monks of this order devoted themselves to the care and treatment of the sick. The monastery in Vysokoe appeared with the support of...
Monastery and former church in the village of Yurovichi, today the church

Monastery and former church in the village of Yurovichi

One of the most massive monasteries in the Gomel region is located in the village of Yurovichi. The former church and monastery of the Jesuits is today at the final stage of reconstruction into an Orthodox church. Yurovichi is a small village located between Mozyr and the town of Khoiniki. First...
Monastery of the Cistercians and Church of Michael the Archangel in Mozyr

Church and monastery of the Cistercians in Mozyr

Mozyr is one of the most unique cities in Belarus. There is an atypical hilly terrain here, which gives the classical places an unusual look. In addition, Mozyr is rich in sights, among which the former Cistercian monastery and the Church of St. Michael stand out ...
Brigid's Church and Monastery in Grodno

Brigid's church, monastery and spikhler in Grodno

The Brigid Order has existed since the 14th century; on the territory of Belarus, the only monastery was located in Grodno. As part of the monastery, the Annunciation Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built. The first buildings date back to 1634-35, when the Lithuanian marshal Krzysztof Veselovsky and...
Carmelite Church of the Virgin Mary in Mstislavl

Catholic church and former Carmelite monastery in Mstislavl

Perhaps the main historical attraction in the city of Mstislavl is the church and the former monastery of the Carmelites. The monks of the Carmelite order settled on these lands in the early 17th century. In 1617, work began on the construction of a stone...
Abandoned church in the village of Selets (Onufrievo)

Abandoned church in the village of Selets (Onufrievo)

Selets is a small village in the Mogilev region, which is located on the P15 Mstislavl - Krichev highway. Historical name - Onufrievo. The main attraction is the massive ruins of the church of St. Onuphrius. Places here with a rich history, and this...
The oldest building in Minsk

One of the oldest buildings in Minsk is the Basilian Monastery

On Engels street 1, probably the oldest building in Minsk is located. Back in the distant 1640-1650s, a residential building of the Basilian Monastery was built here. It is assumed that the construction was carried out on the foundations of old Gothic houses of the 16th century. Monastery...
St. Nicholas Convent and Church of St. Nicholas in Mogilev

Nikolsky Monastery for Women and the Church of St. Nicholas in Mogilev

Nikolsky Monastery occupies a special place among the sights of Mogilev. The large-scale building is located near the historical center of the city on 19 Sutra Street in Podnikolsky Park. As part of the monastery, there is another attraction - the Church of St.
Church of St. Veronica in Selishche

The ruins of the church and monastery in the village of Selishche

The abandoned Bernardine monastery and the church of St. Veronica are located in the village of Selishche. This is the Vitebsk region, Ushachi district. The nearest highway Lepel - Polotsk, from it to the ruins about 20 minutes by car. We turn onto Ushachi and ...

Common oatmeal - photo and description

The Common Bunting (Emberiza citrinella) is a brightly colored bird with a dominant yellow color, slightly larger in size than the Tree Sparrow. In Belarus this species...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Adampol – distillery and Khreptovich estate

At the beginning of the 19th century, Adam Litovor-Khreptovich expanded his father's estate of Shchorsy, purchasing neighboring Negnevichi from the Radziwills. On the edge of the new estate complex, the Adampol farm is being built, something...

TOP 55 apps and websites for travelers 2024

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