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What kind of unusual tower was there in Pryluky?

What kind of unusual tower was there in Pryluky?

In old photographs and a drawing by Napoleon Orda, not only the Czapski Palace attracts attention, but also an unusual tower, somewhat reminiscent of a minaret. There was a four-tiered tower to the right of the estate, if you were facing the building. In terms of functionality it...
Manor of Kashitsey-Raevsky Obrin, Pervomaisky village

Manor Kashitsey "Obrina" in the village of Pervomaiskaya

If you are looking for unusual historical places in Belarus, then you should visit the Korelichi district. In this area there is the village of Pervomaiskaya, in which the ruins of the Obrina estate complex have been preserved. On the territory of this once majestic estate, you can still...
Manor house in Gniezno

Tarasovich's estate in Gniezno

Gniezno, Volkovysk district, is well known for its 16th-century Gothic church, but this is not the only attraction in the agro-town. In the central part of Gniezno, you can see the former estate of the Tarasoviches and a number of outbuildings. The estate itself is quite old and...
Manor Broel-Plater in Ops

The abandoned manor of the Platers in the agro-town of Opsa

The first written mention of the town of Opsa dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. Since 1676, the neighborhood has been in the possession of the Tsekhonovychi family, under which a Catholic parish was founded and a wooden church was built (later a church would be erected in its place...
Manor Drutsky-Lyubetsky New Field

Manor of the Drutsky-Lyubetskys in the village of Novoe Pole

It takes half an hour to get from the center of Minsk to the village of Novoye Pole by car and enjoy the old park, as well as the estate of the Drutsky-Lyubetskys. In the 18th century, the estate in Novy Pole belonged to Mikhail Oginsky, who in 1794...
manor Tarnovo

What to see in Tarnovo?

The former estate of the Mavrosovs in Tarnovo Literally 20 kilometers from Lida, towards Grodno, you can see several interesting sights at once in the agricultural town of Tarnovo. Turn off the M6 ​​highway to P11 and you will easily get to the former estate...
Manor in Zhemyslavl

The Umestovsky estate in Zhemyslavl

The Umestovsky Manor in the village of Zhemyslavl In the Grodno region there is an absolutely amazing village of Zhemyslavl. Arriving there, you seem to find yourself in the 19th century and all thanks to the fabulous sights - the Umestovsky Manor. In addition to the main palace on the territory ...
homestead in Dvorishte

Manor complex in Dvorishche

The village of Dvorishche and the unusual tower-estate The town of Dvorishche is located in the Lida district, Grodno region, on the P89 highway connecting Lida and the border with Lithuania. There are several interesting sights here at once, which have been partially preserved from the time of the 19...
Ruins of the Iodko estate in the village of Sunai "Pukovo"

Ruins of the Iodko estate in the village of Sunai “Pukovo”

In the small village of Sunai, Kopylsky district, the estate of Iodko "Pukovo" has been partially preserved. Here you can see several dilapidated outbuildings and a manor house. However, the ruins with columns are of particular interest, according to some sources - a bathhouse, in another way ...
Zadveya village

The ruins of the manor and icehouse of Chechotov in the village of Zadveya

Zadveya from the 18th century belonged to the Mezheevsky family. Since 1844, when Matvey Mezheevsky owned this place, the estate included a manor house, a manor, and two villages. The manor complex was located near the village of Polonechka, on the banks of the Dveika stream...

Common oatmeal - photo and description

The Common Bunting (Emberiza citrinella) is a brightly colored bird with a dominant yellow color, slightly larger in size than the Tree Sparrow. In Belarus this species...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Adampol – distillery and Khreptovich estate

At the beginning of the 19th century, Adam Litovor-Khreptovich expanded his father's estate of Shchorsy, purchasing neighboring Negnevichi from the Radziwills. On the edge of the new estate complex, the Adampol farm is being built, something...

TOP 55 apps and websites for travelers 2024

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