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The main sights of Grodno with photos and descriptions

Church of the Virgin Mary of Angels and the Franciscan Monastery in Grodno

Church of the Virgin Mary of Angels and the Franciscan Monastery in Grodno

The original monastery and a small church built in 1635 were made of wood. However, during the Russian-Polish war they were destroyed. After the end of the war, a decision was made to restore the monastery complex. So in 1660, thanks to the donations of Mikhail Pats...
churches in belarus

Top 10: Churches in Belarus

Religion has been an integral part of people's lives since early centuries. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of Catholic and Orthodox churches were built on the territory of Belarus. Many great monuments of history and architecture have been lost, and now we can...
Mariinsky Women's Gymnasium in Grodno

The building of the former Grodno Mariinsky Women's Gymnasium

Marked by nature, the building of the Mariinsky Women's Gymnasium has been standing in Grodno since 1893. The building is especially beautiful in spring and autumn, when the walls are covered with a green or crimson "carpet". The Mariinsky Women's Gymnasium was built according to the project of Vasily Nebolsin ...
Holy Intercession Cathedral in the city of Grodno

Intercession Cathedral in Grodno

Among the numerous sights of Grodno, the Holy Intercession Cathedral, located on Eliza Ozheshko Street, is sometimes lost. The construction of the temple was carried out in the first half of the 20th century and completed in 1905 in memory of the soldiers who died during the Russo-Japanese War. Architect...
Abandoned medical academy

Abandoned medical academy in Grodno

For several years now, the former palace of the 18th century has been standing empty almost in the center of Grodno. For a long time there was a military commandant's office here, and now this place is waiting for its investor. A selection of photos from this abandoned property was provided by a member...
Khreptovichi Palace in Grodno

Khreptovich Palace and Museum of the History of Religion

One of the attractions of Grodno is the building of the former Khreptovichi Palace, which today houses the Museum of the History of Religion. The construction of this Grodno residence of an old magnate family began in the middle of the 18th century, and Karol was the likely customer...
Drama Theater Grodno

Drama Theater Grodno - history, description, photos

The futuristic building is one of the most favorite attractions not only for Grodno residents, but also for tourists. The Drama Theater of Grodno is located in the center of the old city. Initially, the Grodno Regional Drama Theater was located in Gorodnitsa - the historical center of Grodno...
abandoned bridge

Abandoned military bridge

An abandoned bridge in Grodno Near the village of Koshevniki, Grodno region, there is an abandoned military bridge, which was used to deliver goods from Bruzgi to Auls. Now the path has been dismantled, and the bridge is inactive. Address: Oktyabrsky district, Grodno, Belarus

Footage of Novogrudok in the 1979 film “Pani Maria”

The ancient city of Novogrudok is rich not only in sights, but also in interesting events, including cinematic ones. The city has repeatedly become a film set for the most...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

“Fara Vitovta” – a lost architectural monument of Grodno

Perhaps one of the most famous lost architectural monuments of Belarus is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, better known as Fara Vytautas. Where does the name "Far" come from...

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