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The main sights of Grodno with photos and descriptions

Manor Avgustovo in Grodno

Manor and chapel "Avgustovo" in Grodno

The last king of the Commonwealth had several estates in Grodno, among which was the estate of Avgustovo. Stanislav Poniatowski invited a trusted Italian architect, Giuseppe Sacco, to build it. By that time, this architect had already completed another Grodno...
Church of St. John in Grodno

The Lutheran Church in Grodno is the only church in Belarus

The name "kircha" is quite rare for Belarus, in fact it is Germanism. This term is usually used to refer to Lutheran churches. One of these temples is located in Grodno - St. John's Church. The first Lutherans arrived in Grodno...
Basya and Kasya water towers in Grodno

Unique water towers Kasya and Basya in Grodno

In Grodno there is an unusual monument of industrial architecture - a complex of water towers on Sverdlov Street. The locals call these towers "Kasya" and "Basya". Brick octagonal towers 22 meters high were built to provide water supply ...
Brigid's Church and Monastery in Grodno

Brigid's church, monastery and spikhler in Grodno

The Brigid Order has existed since the 14th century; on the territory of Belarus, the only monastery was located in Grodno. As part of the monastery, the Annunciation Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built. The first buildings date back to 1634-35, when the Lithuanian marshal Krzysztof Veselovsky and...
Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno

In Grodno, a monument of baroque architecture has been preserved - the estate of the last king of the Commonwealth "Stanislavovo". The architect of the project was Giuseppe De Sacco, who managed to establish himself as a reliable Grodno architect. In addition, the construction of the estate is related ...
Sightseeing tour of Grodno

Variants of excursions in Grodno: sightseeing, group, children

On our site there was material - cities from which it is worth starting acquaintance with Belarus. Grodno occupied one of the first places in it. The most western and European city of the country with an abundance of attractions. Locals will help you explore it...
what cities of belarus are worth visiting

What cities of Belarus are worth visiting? We begin our journey across the country.

Belarus has been actively taking its place on the tourist map over the past few years. In this material, we have collected cities of Belarus that are worth a visit. From them it will be easiest to start acquaintance with the culture of our country. Minsk. How...
ashmyany synagogue

Top 5 old synagogues in Belarus

The term synagogue itself originated 25 centuries ago and is closely connected with the history of the destruction of the First Temple (note the Temple of Solomon). If translated, the synagogue is a meeting house, a school of knowledge. A room where Jews could...
sights of Grodno

What to see in Grodno: attractions, accommodation and places

Grodno is one of the largest and most interesting cities in Belarus. It will definitely delight travelers and seekers of antiquity with its sights. Over the course of a long history, a huge number of them have accumulated here. In this article, we will figure out what to see in ...
Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross in Grodno

Bernardine Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross

On the upper right bank of the Neman River is the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross (in some sources the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross) at the Bernardine monastery. This majestic complex amazes with its beauty. First of all, the unusual architectural solution is fascinating...

Minsk on old photos and postcards

What did Minsk look like in the first half of the 20th century and the early post-war years? Old postcards depicting iconic...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Unusual obelisk in Koldychevo

Once upon a time in Koldychevo there was an estate with a small estate of the Shalevich-Filipovichs, which they in turn received from the Nesvizh Radziwills. The central object of the estate complex was a compact...

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