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Below are the main sights of the Grodno region. If you are looking for more interesting places, then look sightseeing map of Belarus.

What is interesting to see in Volkovysk and the surrounding area?

What is interesting to see in Volkovysk and the surrounding area?

Volkovysk is one of the oldest cities in Belarus, rich in legends and history, but what interesting things can you see here? This article will give you a short tour of the city and its main attractions, as well as recommendations on where to stay for the night...
Adampol - distillery and Khreptovichi estate

Adampol – distillery and Khreptovich estate

At the beginning of the 19th century, Adam Litovor-Khreptovich expanded his father's estate of Shchorsy, purchasing neighboring Negnevichi from the Radziwills. On the edge of the new estate complex, the Adampol farm is being built, somewhat reminiscent of Muravanka. Here an enterprising nobleman built a two-story residential building, a livestock farm...
The Lost Khreptovich Palace in Shchorsy

Palace and park complex Khreptovichi in Shchorsy

One of the unique attractions of the Novogrudok region is the ancient Khreptovich estate in the agricultural town of Shchorsy. Once upon a time, the richest region with a unique palace and park complex was known far beyond its native lands and was considered the family estate of the Litovor-Khreptovich branch, starting from...
The Invisible Palace of Belarus - Muravanka Khraptovicha

The Invisible Palace – Muravanka Khraptovicha

The nickname Khraptovicha is a blessing of goodness, and the amount of meat in Belarus is also connected with it. It is from such months that people sometimes call it “The Invisible Palaces of Belarus” - this gaspadarchy courtyard “Muravanka”, as they know, is not far from hell...
Church in Negnevichi

Temple of classical architecture in Negnevichi

Negnevichi is an ancient town in the Novogrudok district, Grodno region, the main attraction of which is the Church of the Kazan Icon of Our Lady. The temple was built at the very end of the 18th century (1795), apparently it was originally a church, reconsecrated in...
Museum in Navagrudok

House-Museum of Adam Mickiewicz in Novogrudok

One of the important attractions of Novogrudok is the museum of the Polish poet of Belarusian origin - Adam Mickiewicz. The house-museum is located in a family estate, which was restored according to the forms and architecture of an authentic building. In addition to the estate complex in Novogrudok there is...
Fara Vitovta - a lost architectural monument of Grodno

“Fara Vitovta” – a lost architectural monument of Grodno

Perhaps one of the most famous lost architectural monuments of Belarus is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, better known as Fara Vytautas. Where does the name "Fara" come from and why Vytautas? It is believed that the first wooden Catholic church in...
Grodno synagogue of 1912 on Socialist street 35

Grodno synagogue 1912 on Socialist

In Grodno, several buildings have been preserved that were originally built as synagogues. Bolshaya or Main is well known to many; this historical object has long taken one of the main positions on the list of “what to see in Grodno”, and...
Estate of Stanisław August Poniatowski Ponemun

Poniatowski’s residence “Ponemun” in Grodno

Closer to the Eastern Bridge in Grodno, near the very bank of the Neman River, is the summer residence of the last king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Stanislaw August Poniatowski. What has survived from this manor complex is a heavily rebuilt house, a chapel-burial vault, a stable, some outbuildings,...
What would be the Daminikansky cathedral near Grodno?

Lost heritage of Grodno: Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Grodno is a unique city, where the number of attractions pleasantly surprises even the most experienced tourist. However, in addition to preserved and restored historical objects, there are also those that few people remember. For example, on the pedestrian Sovetskaya there used to be...

What kind of miracle? White starling in Minsk

In spring, dozens of different birds actively return to Belarus, among which starlings are especially noticeable. Melodious singing and unusual coloring with bright specks attracts...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Lyakhavichy Church of St. Joseph

There are 2 churches in Lyakhovichi, the first is the temple of 2004, named in honor of the Heart of Jesus, and the second is the Church of St. Joseph, which has more...

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