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Below are the main sights of the Vitebsk region. If you are looking for more interesting places, then look sightseeing map of Belarus.

What kind of slup is in Polotsk?

Monument to the War of 1812 in Polotsk

A 24-meter obelisk-pyramid rises on Svobody Square in Polotsk, reinstalled at a historical site in 2009. The original version of this monument appeared back in 1850 in order to honor the memory of those who died during the war of 1812. Polotsk...
Novolukomlskaya GRES

Novolukoml - cable-stayed bridge and a view of the power plant

One of the youngest cities in Belarus is Novolukoml, the official status of the city was assigned to it in 1970, and the whole history and functioning is directly related to the main facility - the Lukoml State District Power Plant. Some historical sights in Novolukoml ...
Ancient settlement in Lukoml

Ancient settlement in Lukoml

Today it may be hard to believe, but Lukoml, Vitebsk region, is one of the oldest corners on the territory of modern Belarus. Once upon a time, a whole city stood here, and chronicle references go as far as the middle of the 11th century....
Pontoon bridge in Beshenkovichi, Vitebsk region

Pontoon bridge in Beshenkovichi

Beshenkovichi is an old town of Belarus with a rich history and a list of interesting sights. In addition, there is also a rather rare engineering object - a pontoon bridge, which replaced the ferry. This bridge serves as a crossing to...
Ruins of the manor-palace of the Gilzens in Osvey

The ruins of the Gilzen estate in Osvey

Osveya is a unique place in Belarus, located in the north of the country. There is beautiful nature, a lot of wild animals, and in the center of Lake Osveyskoe there is the largest island with the mysterious name Du. In addition to natural beauty, there is ...
Revealing the abandoned building of the monastery

Former missionary monastery hospital in Oswey

One of the attractions of the urban village of Osveya is part of the former missionary monastery, or rather the surviving hospital building. Missionary monks were invited to these parts in the second half of the 18th century by Jan August Gilsen, then the owner of the town. Activity...
Sights of Vitebsk - Assumption Cathedral

Assumption Cathedral and Basilian Monastery in Vitebsk

One of the most recognizable sights of Vitebsk is the Assumption Cathedral, which rises on the banks of the Western Dvina. The temple that can be seen today is a restored copy. The history of the cathedral begins at the end of the 17th century, when...
Sights of Vitebsk - town hall

Vitebsk town hall in 1775

One of the central attractions of Vitebsk is the building of the town hall, which today houses the regional museum of local lore. The stone town hall dates back to 1775 and was built on the site of its wooden predecessors. It is known that Vitebsk received the Magdeburg Rights even...
Where was the Bernardine Church in Vitebsk?

Lost Heritage: Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Vitebsk

In the old part of Vitebsk, at the crossroads of today's Lenin and Suvorov streets, there used to be a massive church of St. Anthony of Padua. At a time when the temple had not yet been destroyed, this section of the city was called the Town Hall Square. In the picture...
Germanovichi, Vitebsk region

Vilna baroque church in Germanovichi

The village of Germanovichi is mentioned in chronicles as early as the middle of the 16th century as the possession of the Sapieha Ikaznenskys. From them, the estate passed to Baron Gilsen (this family had a family residence in Osvey). Then the Germanoviches went to Ignatius ...

Svisloch – what to see in the ancient town?

Svisloch is one of the small towns in the Grodno region, located near the border with Poland. The history of this place is rich and eventful, taking its toll...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Baranovichi-Polesskiye: station, tower and railway museum

The railway station of the city of Baranovichi (station "Baranavichy-Paleskiya") is not only an important infrastructure facility, but also a landmark with history. Trains and railways for Baranovichi...

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