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Below are the main sights of the Brest region. If you are looking for more interesting places, then look sightseeing map of Belarus.

The lost heritage of Belarus - the Radziwill Palace in Stolin

Lost Legacy: Radziwill Mankovichi Palace

One of the attractions of Stolin is the Mankovichi park, the territory of which was not previously part of the city, but belonged to the neighboring village of the same name. It is interesting that the first mention of the Mankovichi was found in the acts of the late 14th century. Then...
Church in the village of Berezhnoye

The wooden church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa in Berezhnoye

Berezhnoye is a fairly large agricultural town in the Stolin district, Brest region. These lands are closely connected with the surname Olesha, who had estates here and in neighboring Novoberezhny. Among the sights you can see the wooden church of St.
Memorial chapel in Kolpaki village

Memorial chapel in memory of the battle of Milovidy

Not far from the agricultural town of Milovidy, where in May 1863 a battle took place between the rebels and the Russian regular army, a memorial chapel was erected in memory of this battle. The neoclassical chapel was inaugurated in 1931. Represents...
Ruins in Stolin

Ruins of the main synagogue in Stolin

The main attraction and concurrently the oldest stone building in Stolin is the "White" synagogue. The building has survived to this day in the form of ruins, but even they give a good idea of ​​​​how the Stolin synagogue looked like in ...
Shopping arcade in Stolin, Belarus

Shopping arcade, gmina and an unusual building in Stolin

Stolin is the last city in the southern direction of Belarus, located a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Among the attractions here are: the ruins of the synagogue, the Mankovichi park complex, the wooden church of 1938. There are some interesting...
Holy Cross Church in the village of Vorotsevichi

Holy Cross Church in Vorotsevichi

Vorotsevichi is a village in the Ivanovsky district, Brest region, known for the fact that the artist, composer and traveler Napoleon Orda was born here. In the annals, these lands are mentioned as early as the end of the 15th century, as the possession of Matvey Grichino....
Abandoned manor Olesha in the village of Novoberezhnoye

Abandoned manor Olesha in the village of Novoberezhnoye

Novoberezhnoye is a small part of the former Olesha farm, which was previously simply called Berezhnoye. Today here you can see an abandoned manor house of the late 19th century. Olesha, of the Brokhvich coat of arms, owned these lands for about 400 years, up to ...
Church in the village of Zelovo and an old gate-bell tower

Ancient gate-bell tower in the village of Zelovo

In the village of Zelovo there used to be an old wooden church. After a fire in 2005, the temple was completely burned out, only the foundation with the crypt remained of it. Now the place of the main attraction is occupied by the belfry gate, miraculously not injured in that fire. Tower...
Mikashevichi quarry

Granite quarry in Mikashevichy

Belarus is rich in a variety of sights, and if manors, churches and churches are already familiar somewhere, then natural and industrial sites are gaining their tourism potential. One of these amazing places is a granite quarry in Mikashevichy, Luninets district. Story...
David Gorodok attractions

The ancient church of St. George in David-Haradok

The main attraction in David-Haradok is the old wooden church of St. George, which was probably built back in 1724. However, some sources suggest that the temple may be much older and dates back to the second half of the 17...

Minsk on old photos and postcards

What did Minsk look like in the first half of the 20th century and the early post-war years? Old postcards depicting iconic...

Castles and palaces of Belarus, which everyone should visit

The castles of Belarus keep the centuries-old history of our country and attract many tourists, travelers and admirers of antiquity from all over the world. Of course, due to...

Unusual obelisk in Koldychevo

Once upon a time in Koldychevo there was an estate with a small estate of the Shalevich-Filipovichs, which they in turn received from the Nesvizh Radziwills. The central object of the estate complex was a compact...

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