One of the city's central attractions Svisloch – this is the building of a former gymnasium, which was opened at the expense of Count Vincent Tyszkiewicz. Svislochskaya high school was included in a list of 8 educational institutions whose goal was to create a unified system of secondary education, the so-called Vilna educational district. In addition to the interesting history of the school itself and its outstanding students, the building also stands out for its unusual architecture.

Svisloch, Grodno region

The gymnasium in Svisloch was rebuilt at the very beginning of the 19th century according to the design of the architect Shantyr, who was invited by Count Tyshkevich. As a result of these works, a rather large complex was obtained, in which the main entrance was distinguished by a massive 14-column portico, on either side of which there were wings with similar porticos, but already having 6 columns.

Svislak gymnasium photo
The central portico of the gymnasium (not preserved). Krynitsa: private collection of Uladzimer Likhadzeda, archive of BDTAPGK. Zdymak pershay palovy 20 tbsp.

One of these porticoes, the right one, has survived to this day; it is exactly what is shown in the photographs. In the post-war years, a hospital was built on the site of the main part of the gymnasium.

Ancient gymnasium in Svisloch

Ancient gymnasium in Svisloch

In the best years, about 350 students studied here and 16 teachers worked here, which is curious - this accounted for almost a third of the population of the entire town of Svisloch.

What did the Svislak gymnasium look like?
photo from 1939, Helen Bitner

Svisloch gymnasium

The gymnasium was famous for its free-spirited approaches and talented graduates. Paradoxically, this in its own way played an evil role in the fate of the educational institution. Students and teachers from Svisloch took part first in the revolution of 1830, and then in the uprising of 1863. Looking at the lists of active participants and leaders, it is easy to see that many of them were students of this gymnasium: Vladislav Malakhovsky, Reinold Sukhodolsky, Traugutt Romuald, Napoleon Orda and of course Konstantin Kalinovsky.

Sights of the city of Svisloch

Svislak gymnasium
1937, be.wikipedia

On the walls of the gymnasium there is a memorial plaque in two languages ​​in memory of a famous student of the gymnasium.

Kalinovsky Gymnasium Svisloch

After the defeat of the uprising, the importance of the gymnasium decreased significantly and was actually reduced to the function of an ordinary school.

Svisloch gymnasium history

In the first half of the 20th century there was a certain rise and attempts to restore the gymnasium. For some time there was a Belarusian seminary here, and after 1923 there was a Polish one.

Svisloch gymnasium

During the war, the building of the Svisloch gymnasium was significantly damaged and, unfortunately, a decision was made not to restore it.

What is interesting to see in the city of Svisloch?

This attraction of Svisloch can be found not far from city ​​square, on Dzerzhinsky Street, below is the location on the map:

In the city I recommend seeing the park and the place where I was manor Tyszkiewicz, as well as visit memorial complex “Asilak”.


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