Svir is a medium-sized urban village that has a rich history and strong tourism potential. The place has its own “point of attraction” - an ancient Church of St. Nicholas, a beautiful lake, as well as a number of less obvious objects that may be of interest to tourists. In Svir, several buildings from the late 19th – first half of the 20th century have been preserved; walking along the main street you can easily find them.

Svir Belarus
St. Nicholas Church can be seen in the distance
Old photo of the urban village of Svir
The same angle, but in 1916

Two interesting brick buildings at the intersection of Naberezhnaya and Sovetskaya streets are the “sleeping” legacy of the last century. In the right house, the larger one, there was a real tavern (which oh so relevant these days).

Urban village of Svir

And this is what the tavern looked like almost 100 years ago.

Garadskiy paselak Svir
Jacek Szulski Collection, Podbrodzie i okolice, 1916

The architecture has certainly changed, but if you look closely at the windows, the similarities are noticeable.

Svir village center

Walking around the building I saw this gorgeous door, which perhaps still remembers the wooden appearance of the tavern.

Beautiful ancient door in Svir

After Svir became part of Interwar Poland in 1921, the stage of development in the so-called “Polish” Art Nouveau and Zakopane style began in the village.

Polish commune Svir

Among the examples of such architecture, the former administration (gmina), which was built approximately in 1923-25, has been preserved.

Svir commune building

This is what the administration looked like in 1927.

Svir old photo
source: be-tarask.wikipedia

Now the building is used as housing, and the building itself has been partially rebuilt.

What to see in the urban village of Svir?

Next door there is a stone school, which was built in the 20s of the last century. They were used for their intended purpose until 1974, when a new school was built in Svir.

School Svir

Today the sports and recreation center “Svir” is located here, Sovetskaya Street 5. Old photographs of the school have also been preserved, for example, this is what it looked like in 1948.

Old school in the village of Svir
1948, source: museum in Svir

Below is a point with the location of the tavern on the map, from this place it is best to start getting acquainted with the urban village of Svir:

If you are in these parts, I recommend stopping by the other side of the lake, where you can look at Zasvirsky church and the ruins of the Carmelite monastery.

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