Today's village Sula well known for its history park “Valikaye principalities of Sula”, which is located on the territory that previously belonged to the Lensky family. Representatives of this family owned the town for 4 generations, from the end of the 18th century to 1939. During this time it was built homestead, a chapel-tomb, a number of outbuildings, an icehouse and a landscape park. Unfortunately, the historical building of the estate, erected by Pavel Lensky, has not survived to this day; a copy was built in its former place in 2010.

Lensky estate in Sula

The manor house had a rather modest architecture and stood out only with a four-column portico. The building was rectangular, about 40 meters, had one floor, a pitched roof. Another Lensky estate looked much more interesting, architecturally speaking, in the neighboring village of Tatarshchina (the estate has not survived).

Sula estate

Sula's last owner was Elizabeth Vasilevskaya (by birth Lenskaya), who by the way acted as the initiator and sponsor of the construction Church in Rubezhevichi. She did not leave her family estate at the time of the First World War, not after her father’s house was destroyed in 1939. Elizabeth had to move to one of the service wings, where she continued to live modestly, having lost almost all the savings of the Lensky family. After her death in 1951, she was buried in the Catholic cemeteries in Rubezhevichi.

In the mid-50s, the Lensky chapel-rotunda, built back in 1843, still stood in Sula. The rotunda was destroyed for no particular reason, and in the late 80s, black diggers completely opened up the old gravestones - they were looking for the Lenskys' wealth.

Chapel in Sula

The owners of the park began restoring the chapel in 2015; now the chapel looks like this:

Chapel-tomb of the Lenskys in Sula

Walking around the complex, you will find that other historical buildings have also “resurrected” from the ruins. Some have retained their original purpose, while others are used for various tourist purposes - museum exhibition halls, hotels, shops. The biggest changes affected the ruins of Brovar; a castle with a donjon tower grew in their place.

Sula Lenskikh

Below is a dot marking the place where the Lensky estate is located:

If you're in the area, I highly recommend visiting urban village of Ivenets.

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