common starling (Sturnus vulgaris) is a symbolic bird associated with the arrival of spring. Outwardly, it has a small size, on average a little more than 20 centimeters, as well as a rich black color with a metallic sheen and cream-colored specks. These specks are clearly visible at the end of winter - early spring, and then after a molt they almost disappear.

starling bird

In addition, the closer the breeding season, the lighter the beak becomes. From black-brown to pronounced yellow, pay attention to the picture below.

What does Shpak look like?

В Belarus the starling flies away for the winter. Closer to spring, the males first return and prepare nests, and then the females arrive.

How does the shpak look extraordinary?

Starlings are excellent imitators of the singing of other birds, borrowing sounds they create unique “melodies”, which have also become their calling card in their own way.

Description of the starling bird

An interesting fact: in 2020, the common starling was chosen as a natural symbol of the Glubokoe district, Vitebsk region.

Bird starling or shpak

Bird houses are popularly called "birdhouses", but often they do not think that they are often built specifically for starlings (hence the name). These birds are happy to settle in such artificial nests. Previously, there was even a belief: the richer the birdhouse you put, the better you will live.


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