During the collection in the next journey, thoughts are spinning in my head about things that need to take with youwhere to buy plane tickets, where to book accommodation. But few people think about holiday security. Buying a package tour medical insurance usually included in it and you do not need to look for an insurance company to take out a policy. But more and more tourists go on a trip on their own and forget about this important part of travel planning. For example, taking out insurance opening a Schengen visa necessarily. In this article, we will figure out what kind of insurance for traveling abroad is optimal and where to buy it online.

How to get travel insurance online?

A person who today has a computer or a smartphone can afford to do business without leaving home. Will not be an exception insurance online. This type of insurance is equivalent to a paper policy issued by an insurance agent and even has more advantages:

+ no need to go to the insurer

+ 10 minutes to complete

+ hard to lose/damage/soak

+ electronic view

+ online advice and support

The policy comes in electronic form, and if you accidentally deleted it, it is sent to you again. You can print it out if you like.

What websites can I use to get travel insurance abroad?

There are really a lot of options. The advice is simple: use aggregators or trusted sites with good reviews. In this article, we will consider three options that are most popular in the post-Soviet space:



Tripinsurance (Tripinshurans) - how it works, how much it costs, nuances

We proceed to registration through Tripinshurans. To apply for e-insurance, the first step is to select the country you plan to visit. Next, choose the dates of your stay abroad. For example, we want to visit Germany for 5 days.

Tripinsurance offers 4 policy options. The basic one is not suitable for us, since the Schengen area requires a minimum insurance coverage of 30 thousand euros. The maximum coverage offered by the company reaches 1 million euros. In our case, you can take the recommended "standard" for 15 euros. Next, we need to fill in our personal details. You need to be careful when entering them.

There is a promo code at the bottom. It's nice when you can just get a discount. Use the Tripinsurance promo code to purchase insurance at a reduced price. It must be entered in the field under the cost of the policy. Look at the screenshot above.

In the same window, you can add additional options. Include insurance against accidents, luggage loss and theft, or additional health insurance if you plan to engage in injury-prone sports (snowboarding, diving). For convenience, install mobile app. You will have 24/7 access to free consultations with a general practitioner and pediatrician.

After selecting all the options, you proceed to the choice of payment method and make a payment.

There is a preview of the policy, where you can check the passport data again.

Tripinsurance works only with trusted clinics, you will definitely not be left without help away from home. In addition, you can get an online consultation with a doctor at any time of the day. For this you need to install mobile app. Works on Android and iOS.

If an insured event occurs, you get sick and injured your leg, the first thing you need to do is contact the insurance company at the numbers indicated in the policy and specify your case in detail. The customer service, in turn, will contact the clinic or call a doctor for you.

If, for health reasons, you were unable to contact the insurance company, but immediately got an appointment with a local doctor, you will have to pay for medical services with your own funds. But the insurance will return the money if you provide all the necessary receipts and documents, i.e. confirm the fact that you received medical care.

Who is a Tripinsurance Medical Assistance?

Until March 2018, Tripinsurance's assistance was Mondial Assistance, the new name is Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance has a network of partner clinics in 42 countries. Over 80 years experience in healthcare. Most of Tripinsurance's positive reviews are due to Mondial Assistance. Since March 2018 Tripinsurance has its own assistance, control and responsibility. Continues to cooperate with Mondial where there are no links with medical institutions.

Travel insurance service - Cherehapa. Overview, reviews, prices, discounts.

The best insurance for traveling abroad with the help of the service Cherehapa. What are the prices like buy travel insurance and other questions. The main feature is selection of travel insurance. That is, you will be offered several options, from all major insurance companies. Let's take a look at an example. Suppose we are going to Southeast Asia, 27 years old, one traveler. We go for one week, insurance policy for 8 days.

Go to broker and enter data. The next tab shows all available insurance options for our request.

Travel insurance service

On the right there is an additional menu. You can choose useful options:

  • increase the amount of health insurance
  • outdoor activity
  • air travel insurance
  • luggage and many other items

The more options you choose, the more expensive the travel insurance services.

Travel insurance service

Travel insurance service

An important point is the ability to select the item “I am not a citizen of Russia“. It gives the opportunity to buy travel insurance for residents of other countries.

Travel insurance service

Let's move on to choosing an insurance agent. You need to look not only at prices, but also at the item more. Let's look at an example Liberty Insurance.

Travel insurance service

There is a point here franchise. This means that in the case of a medical treatment, you will need to pay $ 30 yourself. There is also an item restriction. Often related to sports and other activities, you need to take this information into account.

Company listed below - VSK insurance house, offers a higher cost, but no franchise. As there are no restrictions. We advise you to analyze the entire issue in this way and select the option of travel insurance for your situation.

Travel insurance service

By selecting the appropriate company, you will see a list of all insured events. Health insurance can be viewed in detail. It is possible to add civil liability insurance and accident insurance.

Fill in the fields “Travelers”, as well as “Buyer”. There is nothing special, the main thing is to be careful with the first and last name.

Travel insurance service

The last item is payment. The policy will be sent electronically. I hope the travel insurance service was useful to you - Cherehapa. Below is a search form, you can choose insurance for yourself and find out the prices:

What cases are not covered by insurance?

– treatment of serious diseases previously established (chronic, mental, gynecology, venereal diseases);

– dental treatment (except for acute pain relief at the moment)

- treatment and injuries resulting from alcohol, toxic, drug intoxication;

- plastic surgery, abortion, alternative medicine;

- medical assistance in case of suicide attempts;

– medical assistance as a result of force majeure circumstances (impact of the elements, epidemics, military operations);

– treatment that the insurer or its representative did not agree on.

Tripinsurance promo codes

Active leisure insurance.

Do you like outdoor activities? Then, when concluding an insurance contract, inform the insurer about this.

What activities are covered by outdoor activity insurance? All kinds of sports, training, water and air entertainment, diving, mountain climbing, mountain trekking, even fishing and hunting.

The sum insured will be the same, but the cost of insurance will be increased by a multiplier. The main thing is to notify the insurer in advance.

Do not save and keep silent about the important nuances of the trip - you will be left without insurance.

For avid travelers, we have compiled a selection useful websites and applications.

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
3 years ago

I'll tell you about my experience. I bought travel insurance in the USA through Tripinshurans, took a kit with sports coverage (cost about $50). Fortunately, nothing happened on the road, but I took advantage of those 24/7 support - the answer came quickly.

Regarding Turtles, I bought for myself and my wife for 2 weeks in Vtenam. Again, in fact, everything was fine and did not have to use). BUT! Asia is always mopeds and scooters, be sure to take them with road accident coverage!

Well, in conclusion, you need to look not only at prices, but also reviews and coverage amounts.