Active leisure insurance
What cases are not covered by insurance?
How to get insurance in the USA online?
An insured event has occurred. What to do?
Who is a Tripinsurance Medical Assistance?

While preparing for a trip, thoughts about things that need to take with youwhere to buy plane tickets, where to book accommodation. Think about safety while on vacation. In the finished tour US travel insurance already enabled. However, America is not the country where you should save on insurance or take cheap ones. Therefore, in all trips to the USAI prefer this one service. One of the most important is online communication 24 hours with technical support. Next, consider the nuances.

US active recreation insurance.

Do you like outdoor activities? Then, when concluding an insurance contract, inform the insurer about this. Usually you can choose additional options when buying on the site.

What classes are included under active recreation insurance? All kinds of sports, training, water and air entertainment, diving, mountain climbing, mountain trekking, even fishing and hunting.

The sum insured will be the same, but the cost of insurance will be increased by a multiplier.

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What cases are not covered by insurance?

– treatment of serious diseases previously established (chronic, mental, gynecology, venereal diseases);

– dental treatment (except for acute pain relief at the moment)

- treatment and injuries resulting from alcohol, toxic, drug intoxication;

- plastic surgery, abortion, alternative medicine;

- medical assistance in case of suicide attempts;

– medical assistance as a result of force majeure circumstances (impact of the elements, epidemics, military operations);

– treatment that the insurer or its representative did not agree on.

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How to get insurance in the USA online?

To get insurance in the USA online, use a proven service Tripinsurance, or meta search engine Cherehapa.

Insurance is equivalent to a paper policy issued by an insurance agent, but has a number of advantages:

+ no need to go to the insurer

+ 10 minutes to complete

+ do not lose / spoil / soak

+ electronic view

The policy comes in electronic form, and if you accidentally deleted it, it is sent to you again. You can print it out if you like. We proceed to registration - select the country and dates of stay abroad.

Tripinsurance Offers 4 policy options. The maximum coverage offered by the company reaches 1 million euros. In our case, you can safely take the popular "standard".

For convenience, install mobile app. You will have 24/7 access to free consultations with a general practitioner and pediatrician.

Next, we need to fill in our personal details. You need to be careful when entering them.

It's nice when you can just get a discount. Use the Tripinsurance promo code to purchase insurance at a reduced price. It must be entered in the field under the cost of the policy. Look at the screenshot above.

In the same window, you can add additional options. Include insurance against accidents, luggage loss and theft or additional health insurance if you plan to engage in outdoor activities (snowboarding, diving). The cost of online insurance will be increased by about 50%.

After selecting all the options, you proceed to the choice of payment method and make a payment.

There is a preview of the policy, where you can check the passport data again. See also the prices via the widget below:

An insured event has occurred. What to do?

If an insured event occurs, immediately contact the insurance company using the numbers in the policy and tell us in detail what happened. The customer service will contact the clinic or call a doctor.

You can get an online consultation with a doctor at any time of the day. For this you need to install mobile app. Works on Android and iOS.

If you failed to notify the insurance company and ended up in the hospital immediately, you will have to pay for medical services with your own funds. The insurance company will return the money, just be sure to keep all the original documents that confirm the fact of providing medical care - prescriptions, prescriptions, doctor's conclusions, etc.

Who is a Tripinsurance Medical Assistance?

Until March 2018, Tripinsurance's assistance was Mondial Assistance, the new name is Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance has a network of partner clinics in 42 countries. Over 80 years experience in healthcare. Most of Tripinsurance's positive reviews are due to Mondial Assistance.

Since March 2018 Tripinsurance has its own assistance, control and responsibility. Continues to cooperate with Mondial where there are no links with medical institutions.

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