At the exit from the M1 highway (Brest direction), there is a small town - Columns. It has preserved a monument of architecture of the 19th century - Annenskaya Church. I am glad that the temple has been preserved almost in its original form. How do you understand for Belarus - that's great rarity.

A one-nave temple with facades, which was founded as a church, and now - Church of St. Anne.

Church columns

The temple was first mentioned at the beginning of the 17th century, and at the end of the 18th century a wooden version was erected.

cerkov svitoi anni

1825 was the starting point for the construction of a stone church. Through the efforts of Count Czartoryski, acting as the main investor, St. Anne's Church acquired its new look.

An interesting fact: the chief architect was so inspired by the views of St. Petersburg that he tried to convey the atmosphere in Stolbtsy. How well he did it is up to you to judge, but there is a step ladder.

cerkov anni stolbci

The place is easy to find at the intersection of Gaiduk and Sovetskaya streets. In the Stolbtsovsky district, the village New Sverzhen, which is only a few kilometers away, are located Peter and Paul ChurchAssumption ChurchSynagogue ruins - these places will also be interesting to visit.

See more interesting sights of Belarus on our map.

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