Downtown Columns you can see not only an unusual cinema, but also an interesting mural, which depicts a rather strange temple with two different towers. This is an antique Church of Saint Casimir, which was located on the site of today's stadium on Leninskaya Street.

Church of St. Casimir in Stolbtsy

The history of the church begins in the mid-17th century, when a mission of Dominican monks arrived in Stolbtsy. As often happened, the monks first erected a small wooden residential building, and used an old temple in neighboring Kovalevshchina for prayers (by the way, a small homestead). Over the course of several decades, the Dominican mission grew and work began on the construction of a stone church.

What the church looked like in Stolbtsy
zdymak zrobleny da 1933, author: J. Bułhak
Rebuilding the church in Stolbtsy
1933, krynitsa: Archiwum Akt Nowych

It is quite possible that the temple was rebuilt in the first half of the 17th century under the new owners of Stolbtsy - the Czartoryskis. The architecture of the church belongs to the early Baroque style, of which very few examples have survived in Belarus.

Beautiful cinema in Stolbtsy
The church was located to the left of the cinema building; previously there was a shopping mall here

After the uprising of 1830, the Dominican monastery in Stolbtsy was liquidated, and 40 years later the church building was rebuilt as an Orthodox church. A porch will be added to the main volume, a light drum will appear on the roof, and a huge tower will rise above the pediment. The new appearance of the temple will not be unique; similar reconstructions were found everywhere (especially similar church in Krivoshin).

Church of St. Casimir and the Monastery of the Dominicans in Stolbtsy
1900, source: Nova Gallery

What kind of gate was built in Stobtsy?

Stolbtsovsky Church, what did it look like inside?
zdymak zrobleny da 1933, author: J. Bułhak

In 1921, Stolbtsy was part of Interwar Poland, so the ancient church was returned to the Catholic community, and then phased work began on the restoration of the church. It was during that period that the temple had two different towers.

Kascel of Saint Casimir Stobtsy
1933, krynitsa: Archiwum Akt Nowych

During the Second World War, the building was partially destroyed, it was no longer restored, and in 1958 the ruins were finally dismantled. Today, on the site where the Church of St. Casimir stood, a copy of the gate, visible in many old photographs, was erected.

The church that was next to the cinema in Stolbtsy

Columns in the early 20th century
krynica: Biblioteka Narodowa
History of the church in Stolbtsy
zdymak zrobleny da 1925, author: J. Bułhak

Where was the Church of St. Casimir in Stolbtsy?

Below is a dot marking the place where the church was located in Stolbtsy:

The city is still worth seeing Church of St. Anne and stop by the Yakub Kolas Museum.

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