Books and films based on novels Stephen King have been very popular for over a decade now. They attract with mystical plots, unexpected denouement, throughout the whole action, readers and viewers are in suspense. After all, it is almost impossible to guess what the author has prepared this time. Stephen King rightfully deserves the nickname "King of Horrors", since for more than forty years his novels, novellas and short stories have been included in the lists of the best mystical works of the world. And his horror and thriller novels chill the soul of readers and viewers of all ages. This article has collected films based on the novels of the legendary Stephen King.

Carrie - 1976, movie search rating 7,2

The popularity and fame of Stephen King brought the novel "Kerry", released in 1974. The work is written in the genre of mystical horror and tells about the life of a hunted and quiet schoolgirl who has a supernatural ability - telekinesis.

It is interesting that after writing just a couple of pages, the “king of horrors” considered the idea completely uninteresting and threw the draft into the trash. By a lucky chance, King's wife, Tabila, found the written sheets, she liked it and she persuaded her husband to finish the novel.

"Kerry" did not appeal to many critics, they considered the novel to be second-rate literature that does not deserve attention.

But when, a couple of years later, the film of the same name, which was based on the book, was released, Stephen King became wildly popular. The audience liked the movie. This is evidenced by rental fees - $ 30 million. And this with a budget of 1,8 million dollars!

In 1999, a kind of continuation of the story came out - "Kerry 2: Rage", and in 2013 a remake of the film called "Telekinesis". Both films cannot be called successful.

The Shining 1980 - CP rating 7,8

Novel "The Shining" (1977) attributed to genres psychological horror и gothic literature. At the heart of the plot: Former teacher Jack Torrance, who takes a job as a winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel. His family also moved there. The hotel is located in the mountains in isolation from civilization. None of the new tenants even realize that the hotel keeps many secrets, ghosts and entities that can influence ordinary people live here.

dark horror movies horror movie stephen king GIF

In this novel, a new round has been developed - bad place archetype. Writers and directors began to use it more actively when writing books and shooting movies. In addition, this time literary critics flattered Stephen King's novel.

And soon the plot of the book formed the basis of the film. "Radiance". Directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick (many consider this movie to be one of his best creations). And the main role was played by Jack Nicholson, who beautifully and naturally created the image of a psychopath who cannot control himself under the influence of otherworldly forces. The Shining is still considered the standard psychological thriller.


In 2009, King wrote a sequel to The Shining. They became a novel "Doctor Sleep". The main character is a grown-up son Jack Torrance - Danny. He was able to cope with the psychological trauma from staying at the hotel. Danny works as a hospice nurse and helps patients with his clairvoyance and telepathy.

It (It) 1990, kinopoisk rating -7,0

Novel "It" (1986) written in the horror genre. It tells the story of seven friends from Derry, Maine. They create a "Losers" club, which is designed to fight a monster that can take on absolutely any shape. It kills children and terrifies all the inhabitants of the city. The storyline covers several periods of time: the childhood of the main characters and the time when they have already matured.

The novel It was nominated for the Locus Award and the World Fantasy Award. In addition, he entered several lists of the best works of the century and even the millennium.

In 1990, a mini-series of the same name was filmed based on the work, which consisted of two episodes. A feature-length film based on the novel was released in 2017 under the same title.

The Green Mile 1999 - CP 9,1

And of course, in the list books and films by Stephen King it is impossible not to mention "Green Mile". The work won the Bram Stoker Award for "Best Novel". The novel was written in parts and published in the form of pamphlets.

The novel is set in 1935. The story is told from the perspective of Paul Edgecomb, who at that time was the warden in block "E" federal prison "Cold Mountain", where prisoners sentenced to death are kept.

One day they bring John Coffey - a huge African American who was sentenced to execution in the electric chair. The court found him guilty of the brutal murder and rape of two little girls. And now Paul Edgecombe and the other staff of the unit have to learn that not everything is as it seems. Sometimes the one behind bars can be better than the one outside.

The novel was made into a film in 1999 starring Tom Hanks. This movie is still at the top of the rating of the best films.

1989 Pet Sematary - CP 7,1

King once called his novel "Pet Sematary" the scariest of all his works. Written back in 1983, the novel was doomed to be filmed. According to the plot, a young and successful family moves to a small town, where each of the characters begins to deeply experience personal tragedies. In addition, something evil and mystical clearly lives in these parts. As the name implies, the evil settled in the old cemetery.

Stephen King films

The first film was well received and commercially successful. Therefore, in 1992, they shot a sequel, which also took a decent place in the history of cinema. The modern remake was released in 2019, the film paid off the budget, but did not collect good reviews.

Books and films based on novels by Stephen King could be listed for a very long time. We will name just a few of them: The Lot, Confrontation, Dead Zone, Tommyknockers, The Dark Tower Cycle, Christina, Insomnia, Cujo and many others. Also collections of stories Four Seasons (it included the story "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" based on which the film "Escape and Shawshank" was filmed), Four After Midnight, Hearts in Atlantis, Darkness, and nothing more.

In general, the “king of horrors” has 55 published novels (including 7 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman), 5 popular science books, about two hundred stories, most of which were collected in ten author's collections. See also the list: Top Horror Writers.

films based on Stephen King novels

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6 years ago

I'm a horror fan! I watched the very first horror movie in my life at the age of 5 “It”. Impressions for a lifetime! Stephen King is a miracle, not a man! I grew up with King's books and films! They addictive, lure with their unusual plots and incredible endings!