Styles of architecture in Belarus presented in a wide variety. We tried to tell as fully as possible about the characteristic features of the main ones. It should be noted that one of the features of Belarusian architecture is the combination of several architectural styles from different eras. In addition, quite often this or that building could combine elements that are characteristic of a particular architectural style throughout its development.

Styles of architecture in Belarus

Classicism in Belarusian architecture

CLASSICISM (lat. classicus - exemplary) - an artistic direction focused on the ideals of ancient classics. It is based on: simplicity, balance, logic, rigor.


Dominant colors: white, green, pink, magenta, sky blue, brick.

agricultural town blon

Classicism style lines: strict repeating vertical and horizontal lines; bas-relief in a round medallion, smooth generalized drawing, symmetry.

Manor Merzheevsky Grozovo

Form: clear geometric and monumental.

Characteristic elements of the interior of classicism: discreet decor, round and ribbed columns, pilasters, statues, antique ornament, coffered vault, military decor, symbols of power.

sights of Lida

Designs: massive, stable, monumental, rectangular, arched.

Windows: rectangular, elongated upwards, with a modest design.

Doors: rectangular, paneled; with a massive gable portal on round and ribbed columns; often decorated with lions, sphinxes and statues

Examples on our website can be viewed at the link classicism in Belarus.

Baroque in Belarusian architecture

Baroque (from the Italian barocco - “bizarre”, “strange”, “prone to excesses”, Portuguese perola barroca - “pearl of irregular shape” (literally “pearl with vice”) - a style in architecture in the 17-19 centuries, the center of which was Italy This style arose as an opposition to classicism and rationalism.The main idea of ​​the Baroque: the renunciation of naturalness.


Dominant colors: muted pastel colors, red, pink, white, blue with a yellow accent.


Line: bizarre convex - concave asymmetric pattern, in the forms of a semicircle, rectangle, oval; vertical lines of columns; pronounced horizontal division in the decoration of houses.

Crow village

Form: vaulted, domed and rectangular; towers, balconies, bay windows.


Characteristic interior elements: striving for grandeur and splendor, massive front stairs; columns, pilasters, sculptures, stucco and painting, carved ornament; relationship of design elements.

Designs: contrasting, tense, dynamic; pretentious on the facade and at the same time massive and stable.

Church in Tolochin

Windows: semicircular and rectangular, with floral decor around the perimeter.

Doors: arched openings with columns and floral decor.

Some examples of attractions in the Baroque style on our website. About Belarus and Minsk, as well as our Magazine about everything in the world.

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